Custom-Built Industrial High-Pressure Washers

Surface blasting is a technique for which industrial pressure washers are used. These systems are powered by pumps to generate the required level of pressure to force water through at high flow rates. The liquid is accelerated by the force generated from the pump. The result is a powerful stream of water that shoots from the nozzle or lance of the system. This powerful stream can be shaped into a radius spray by using nozzles or focused on a single point.

We manufacture high-pressure industrial washersthat are built according to your preferences. Therefore, you are guaranteed that such a system will suit your business. Surface blasters, custom vehicle washbays, and underground pipeline water-jetting equipment are available, giving you a comprehensive selection of systems and machines to choose from. We use CAT Pumps and CERJET nozzles to deliver high-quality, high-performance systems that suit your needs. Today, we will delve into some detail on what you can expect from our solutions.

Utilising Pressure

A high-pressure system is sealed to ensure that the generated force stays within the system. With surface blasters, water-jetting equipment, and industrial vehicle wash bays, these systems use positive-displacement pumps to generate the necessary force. These pumps function similarly to internal-combustion engines, using the motion of a piston to generate force. The force is fed into the system, accelerating the rate at which the gas or liquid will travel to the nearest exit of such a system. Surface blasters must spray the liquid evenly from the exit point, ensuring that the surface is hit by a large radius for optimal results.

CERJET spray nozzles are manufactured using ceramic orifices as opposed to using metal alloy. Metals are susceptible to corrosion over time, except if stainless steel is used. However, stainless steel is still not as hard as the ceramic used in CERJET nozzles. Therefore, a CERJET nozzle is ideal for industrial pressure washers that will be used very frequently. They offer better durability for more consistency over time. However, if you want a solid stream of water, water-jetting equipment typically utilises a lance to focus the stream of water to, for example, punch holes through pipeline blockages.

Industrial pressure washers come in many forms, including underground water-jetting equipment. These systems are used to clean the insides of an underground pipeline, as opposed to digging the blocked section up. Since such a system will deal with a tremendous amount of pressure, two people commonly hold a rigid lance to ensure that the water stream stays under control. Flex lances are also available, allowing the operator to aim the water stream after guiding the lance through a bend in the pipeline. Finally, we offer industrial vehicle wash bays for earthmoving vehicles and heavy-duty commercial vehicles respectively. These bays can be custom designed to suit your needs.

Bestline Manufacturing is your solution to high-pressure systems in Johannesburg. For more information on our industrial washers, blasters, and water-jetting equipment, please browse our website for details. We also offer a selection of CAT Pumps to ensure that your systems have quality solutions when in need of a new pump.