Industrial Pressure Washers – Considerations to Keep in Mind When Choosing One


If you need a new industrial pressure washer, but do not know what to look for in one, then you have come to the right place. The market is jam-packed with many pressure washer options that are ideal for the industrial environment. While you might know what you want your pressure washer to achieve, you might not be familiar with the various features and functions of each unit available, not to mention the handling capacity. There is a lot to think about when it comes to choosing a pressure cleaner, from its flow rate to its ease of operation.


An industrial pressure washer is a washer that finds no cleaning task too tough. These pieces of equipment are very versatile and useful and the fact that they can turn a tough deep cleaning job into a simple quick-to-do task makes them an indispensable item to many. It can take a pressure cleaner seconds to slice through tough grease, grime, mould, and stains. A few seconds of high-pressure cleaning is far preferable to hours of scrubbing, that is for sure.


When shopping around for a pressure washer, first and foremost consider what type of cleaning you will need the unit to do. Cleaning tasks can vary greatly. For instance, cleaning fuel and chemicals will require different cleaning techniques than cleaning away bubble gum or mould. You will find that pressure cleaners have a pressure rating in psi, which basically determines the intensity of cleaning that the unit can do. The pressure rating relates directly to the strength or force of the water stream. If you are just doing general cleaning of bins and outside furniture, you will not need more than 750 to 1500 psi of pressure. For industrial use, such as cleaning workshops, boats, and equipment, you need something with a bit more power, so opt for a unit delivering 1500 to 3000 psi. If you want to strip paint and clean driveways, a unit with a pressure rating of 3000 psi or more is required.


How your pressure washer is powered will also make a difference. You will find that there are petrol, gas, and electric industrial pressure washers available on the market. The most powerful units are usually the petrol washers, while the gas-powered units are usually preferred for heavy-duty outdoor cleaning.


At Bestline Manufacturing, we feature a range of powerful and user-friendly industrial pressure washers. For assistance with selecting the right pressure washer for your needs and industry, contact us via email or telephone today.