Compact and Cost-Effective, Direct-Drive Pumps for High-Pressure Industrial Use


When intended for use in applications such as pressure washing, it is convenient to employ compact industrial pumps that have a mounting which is designed to be connected directly, either to an electric motor or to a suitable internal-combustion engine. There are two main designs in common use, one of which has a hollow shaft and can be bolted directly to the drive motor while the other features a bellhousing and employs a flex coupler in order to connect the motor and pump shafts. Some models, however, may be belt-driven.

In each of these two designs, the method of connection will result in a direct drive action. This means that the pump’s impeller will be rotated at exactly the same speed as the motor to which it is attached. In practice, however, in the case of petrol-driven models, there is an additional option. The bellhousing variety of these direct-drive industrial pumps can be fitted with a gearbox. This additional component makes it possible for the revolutions of the impeller to be reduced to half that of the engine speed.

In order for it to provide the maximum cleansing power, a pressure washer must be designed to combine a high-volume output with a sufficiently high pressure. They are used in a wide range of applications from domestic chores such as rinsing driveways and patios and washing the family car to more challenging tasks such as cleaning airport runways, heavy goods vehicles, agricultural equipment, railway locomotives and rolling stock, and even ships’ hulls. The industrial pumps employed for such purpose will frequently be powered electrically, hydraulically, or pneumatically, while, in other cases, they may be driven by a dedicated engine fuelled by petrol, diesel, or natural gas, or by attachment to a suitable power take-off such as a tractor engine.

Typically, depending upon the configuration and the material from which it is manufactured, a pressure washer may be capable of delivering from approximately 9 to 45 ℓ of water per minute and at pressures ranging from around 500 to 5000 psi. CAT Pumps is a leading manufacturer of industrial pumps. Its electric, direct-drive models are available in aluminium, brass, and stainless steel, providing pressures of up to 3500 psi. Where pressures greater than this are required, the company offers a choice of either brass or stainless steel petrol-driven units.

Also known as water jetting, pressure washing is the most versatile and effective surface-cleaning technology currently available. CAT high-pressure, direct-drive industrial pumps are supplied and expertly supported by Bestline Manufacturing in Johannesburg; South Africa’s sole CAT Pumps franchisee.