How Does High Pressure Pumps Support the South African Industry?

Many sectors of the South African economy depend on high pressure pump technology to meet the demands of their respective industries. Designed for commercial, domestic and industrial applications, high pressure pumps are essential to help move liquid or air from one place to another. They are also commonly referred to as positive displacement pumps and will capture limited amounts of liquid and effectively transfer it from the initial suction port to a discharge port by employing instruments such as rotors and internal gears.

High pressure pumps are equipped with advanced features like flow rate displays, timers, stop functions and multi-function valves, among other useful and important features. Taking all of these features into account, it becomes easier to see how extreme pressure can be created in the discharge portion of high pressure pumps. When investing in such high quality units, you can expect a significant lifespan and superior, reliable performance for many years.

What exactly are High Pressure Pumps?

Simply put, they are elementary machines with the capacity to generate very high pressure levels in various systems; it can easily generate pressure that far exceeds 800psi. Pumps able to generate pressure between 3500psi and 5000psi are referred to as high pressure industrial pumps. They are used in various applications in different industries and some of its most common uses include water supply applications.

Aside from these uses, high pressure pumps are also used in applications like oil and chemical processing, pressure cleaning, car washes, reverse osmosis, CO2 and foam fighting, to name a few. Its basic role is for the pump to displace the fluid via physical or mechanical action from one position to another. In order for this to be accomplished, only high pressure industrial pumps should be used because they have been specifically engineered to release any type of liquid at very high pressures.

The functioning of high pressure pumps is rather simple. Most of the units used in the industrial sectors in South Africa have the same operation – to move water with the action of a piston or plunger in a cylinder. The pump will apply considerable force in order to generate a specific flow and the pistons located within the pump’s cylinder will then apply force to the water. This entire movement is driven by a crankshaft which helps to move the water in and out of the pump.

High pressure pumps are sometimes referred to as pressure washers, which consist of interior motors that generate energy so as to drive water through pipes and channels at accelerated speed. These pumps have enjoyed incredible success throughout the South African industries and sectors. Accordingly, the ever growing need and demand of these pumps in recent years have urged constant improvement.

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