Silence the Sceptics: Are High Pressure Water Pumps Worth the Investment? 


Many industries rely on the workhorse capabilities of positive displacement pumps. These high pressure water pumps are essential for generating the necessary force to tackle tough cleaning jobs in manufacturing plants and processing facilities and on heavy-duty vehicles, as well as for pumping water at low flow and high pressure rates. Their unsurpassed durability is proven in reverse osmosis applications and more.

Knowing that high pressure water pumps are a sizeable investment, as the sole distributor of Cat Pumps in South Africa, we at Bestline Manufacturing would like to take a moment to discuss how selecting the right sized pump plays a critical role in ensuring optimal pump performance.


Selecting the Right Sized High Pressure Water Pumps for Optimal Performance


High Pressure Water PumpsHere are a few factors to consider when selecting high pressure water pumps:


1. Designed to Operate within a Specified Range

An oversized pump exceeds the requirements for an application and can result in exorbitant energy consumption. On the other hand, an undersized pump may be incapable of delivering the necessary pressure and flow rates, compromising an entire system’s effectiveness. It is vital that the pump selected operates within its design capacity.


2. Longevity and Durability

High pressure water pumps are engineered and manufactured to last. However, when incorrectly sized, the lifespan of the pump can be greatly reduced. When a pump operates within predetermined parameters, there is significantly less strain on the system and little to no wear and tear. This not only extends the longevity of the pump but also translates to less downtime and fewer part replacements.


3. Technical Aspects to Consider

Two major factors that should always be considered when selecting high pressure pumps are the flow and pressure rates. Flow rates are normally measured in gallons per minute (GPM) and pressure in pounds per square inch (PSI). These specifications are engraved on the pump casing; however, if at any point you are unsure about the exact flow and pressure rates of a pump for an application, the experts at Bestline Manufacturing will assist you.


Industries that Rely on Pressure Pumps


If you are wondering whether high pressure water pumps are worth the investment, let’s look at some of the industries that benefit from them:

  • Pressure Washers – quality pressure pumps are vital to high pressure washers. Whether run intermittently or constantly and operating between 500 and 5000 PSI, the force generated by them can clean oily surfaces, remove algae and mildew, clear condenser coils, and cleanse the hulls of ships.
  • Sewer Jettingremoving obstructions and build-ups in sewer systems can be costly, and pressure pumps are the ideal affordable alternative for cutting through plant growth and a variety of obstacles due to the force exerted by them.
  • Earth Moving Equipment – in the construction and mining industry, time is always of the essence. Above or underground wash bays, equipped with multiple sprayers and heavy-duty high pressure water pumps, quickly remove mud, dirt, and other debris, affording less downtime.
  • Water Treatment and Desalination Plantswater purification requires positive displacement pumps that operate at 1000 PSI or less. Driven by an electric or gas motor, the only energy needed is the pressure to force liquid through a semi-permeable membrane for purification.

High pressure water pumps need to be able to operate under harsh conditions, and this is where Cat Pumps displays unsurpassed corrosion resistance, strength, and longevity.

At Bestline Manufacturing, we proudly stand behind the great quality and reliability of high pressure Cat Pumps. Our continued commitment to ongoing service and repair guarantees long-lasting performance. Contact us and we will gladly assist you with your high pressure pump requirements.