Mist Cooling Pumps and Systems and How They Work

If you live, work or socialise in a hot and humid region, chances are that you are always looking for cost-effective ways to keep yourself or your environment cool. Mist cooling systems are great options for residential cooling, commercial cooling, livestock cooling and greenhouse cooling applications. Before we get into how a misting system works, let us consider how water is used for cooling purposes and the science behind it. When water evaporates, it absorbs heat in the process. It is basic physics that water requires more energy to convert to a gas form, so when it evaporates, it absorbs energy in the form of heat from the surrounding air.

High-pressure misting systems work in much the same way, except without having to saturate the surrounding environment. You do not want your patio floor or workshop area to become wet. It would pose a slipping hazard. That is why misting systems are pressurised. By pressurising the water with a misting pump, a fine mist can be created, which will evaporate into the air within seconds. Each drop of water will be absorbing heat from the air as it evaporates. When millions of droplets are being sent into the air at once, you can expect the cooling power to be immediately noticeable. Your average mist cooling pump and system has a 1000-psi pressure rating.

Why would people opt to use misting systems instead of just the air-conditioner? For starters, air-conditioners are of no real use outdoors. Misting systems are highly effective in all outdoor applications, and they are also known to use around 80% less power than the average well-maintained air conditioner.

When setting up a mist cooling system, high-pressure mist nozzles are placed around the area where cooling is required. Water is then pumped to and through these nozzles, which then send millions of water droplets into the air. These can be as small as just 5 microns, and they immediately evaporate, taking some of the heat along with them.

For a misting system to work effectively, the pump and nozzles must be of a high quality and designed to offer long-term durability and reliability. At Bestline Manufacturing in Johannesburg, we have a range of misting pumps and mist cool systems for you to consider. We would love to tell you more about these particular products and welcome you to get in touch with us via email or telephone today.