Mist Cooling Solutions – A Cost-Effective Cooling System for a Wide Array of Applications

Born out of evaporative cooling, mist cooling solutions are efficient for humidifying and cooling any outdoor environment by up to 25°C. Attributed to the success of many private organisations and industry sectors throughout the globe, not only can it enhance any outdoor environment, but it is also economical, using 80% less energy than an air conditioner.

With the use of speciality high-pressure mist nozzles placed in a line around the perimeter of an area, water is pumped through the atomising nozzles, resulting in billions of tiny droplets as small as 5 microns that immediately evaporate. No longer limited to only cooling crops and patios, mist coolers can now be used in a wide array of applications, such as the following:

  • Residential Cooling – a lifestyle changer that is well celebrated for its role in amusement parks, hotels, holiday resorts, restaurants, sports fields, patios, landscapes, and entertainment and pool areas – mist coolers are not only effective in cooling air, but are also effective in absorbing dust and pollen, as well as reducing flying insects.
  • Commercial Cooling – when temperatures and humidity climb to 30°C and above, fresh produce develops mould, which ultimately ruins food, causing financial loss. Widely relied upon in the food industry to maintain a constant level of temperature and humidity, commercial mist cooling solutions are effective in providing the required humidity level of the environment, without making the surroundings wet.
  • Livestock Cooling – just like humans, animals are much happier when kept cool and comfortable in high temperatures. Effective in providing much more than just heat stress relief for birds, livestock and horses, mist cooling is known to extend growth rate, reduce mortality rate, increase egg, milk and meat production, reduce water and energy consumption, and suppress and control dust and odours, resulting in cleaner, healthier and more comfortable surroundings.
  • Greenhouse Cooling – usually set up on a timer to operate at certain times of the day, green house cooling is a simple concept that can yield dramatic results. Widely efficient in creating the correct micro-climate in any season, greenhouse cooling is enormously successful in increasing plant growth and productivity, as well as keeping humidity levels stable. Suitable for chemical fertiliser and insecticide spreading, greenhouse mist cooling is also extremely effective in lowering water consumption for irrigation.

Renowned as the preferred supplier to the residential, agricultural and commercial sectors throughout the southern hemisphere, we offer an extensive range of mist cooling solutions that can either be chosen from our existing range or customised to suit your cooling applications. To learn more, contact us today.