Find the Best Misting Nozzles in South Africa for Your Cooling System Here

If you have ever sat outside on the deck of a restaurant on a hot day and enjoyed a fine mist of cooling water being sprayed, you have experienced the joys of a misting system. Misting nozzles in South Africa are typically used in a variety of environments where the temperature needs to be lowered and controlled. In many industries and environments, high-pressure micro-misting systems are required to affect a significant temperature drop.

In the harsh African climate, these systems are most often used in the agricultural industry, entertainment industry (such as amusement parks), hotels and resorts, private and business patios, bus stops and stations, sports stadiums, viewing decks, broiler houses, and so on.

How do high-pressure misting nozzles and fogging systems really work? The idea of a misting system is not to wet or soak people or the surrounding environment. Instead, its main purpose is to cool the surrounding area and it does this through flash evaporation. First, cool water is pumped through the misting nozzles to produce a fine mist. The mist is so fine that the droplets evaporate almost immediately after absorbing the heat of the surrounding area. When it comes to outdoor cooling, high-pressure mist systems are therefore the obvious choice.

Misting systems are made up of a variety of components. One of the most important components of a micro-misting and fogging / cooling system is the pump used to pressurise the water. Without an efficient and reliable pump, the system would prove ineffective. We stock, install, and maintain CAT pumps, which are used in many high-end misting and cooling systems in South Africa. In fact, we are sole franchisors of CAT Pumps in this country and have been since 1971. With a total of 150 pump models, available to be used in over 500 possible applications, there is every reason to believe that you can find the next pump for your misting system right here at Bestline Manufacturing.

We welcome and encourage you to take the time to consult with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members about all your misting and cooling requirements. We are confident that you will be impressed by our extensive range and that you will benefit from our product quality and customer service excellence.

If you would like to learn more about our misting nozzles and the industries that they are best suited to in South Africa, simply contact us via email or telephone at Bestline Manufacturing today.