Highly Durable Nozzles for High-Pressure Pumps


High-pressure systems are used to create a force within a closed system that has been designed to compress and dispense liquids or gases. By employing positive-displacement pumps to create this force, such systems can be used for a wide variety of applications. Water jetting is one of the more common applications, where water is forced through such a system at high pressure and speed. The water exits these systems through nozzles that are configured to spray in a set pattern, dependent on the function of the system.


Water jetting is a technique where high levels of pressure are applied to the flow of water through a sealed system. The most common example is a garden hose, where the water flows from a source and through the hose to its mouth. If the force is increased by partially blocking the opening, the water starts to jet from it with far more force. By adding pumps and nozzles to such a system, the resulting water jet can be finely managed and controlled.


The Function of Nozzles in A High-Pressure System


Most high-pressure systems are used for water jetting, which can be ideal for blasting clean surfaces and flushing underground pipes, to only name a few applications. This technique can also be used to clean industrial floors and construction vehicles. By reducing the force of the stream, water jetting becomes viable for drive-through car-wash stations and handheld water sprayers. However, none of this would be possible without quality pumps to produce the necessary force and durable nozzles to create the desired spray pattern.


The function of nozzles in a high-pressure system goes beyond creating and controlling the spray of the water. They must also be durable enough to withstand the constant forces of liquids passing through them. Therefore, they must be manufactured from a durable material. Brass is a good option for such an application; however, this metal does not have a nearly as high a resistance to wear as stainless steel. By manufacturing the nozzles from stainless steel, their durability is greatly improved. We offer a yet another option by using a material that can endure up to 30 times longer in such circumstances – ceramic.


Our CERJET nozzles are designed to offer maximum durability when coupled to high-pressure systems that run positive-displacement pumps. These pumps can generate a lot of power to create incredible amounts of force within a sealed system. The force of the flow of water will be dependent on the amount of power generated but by using ceramic orifices, CERJET can always handle the pressure and deliver the durability to last for extended periods – substantially longer, in fact, than its brass and stainless-steel counterparts. Therefore, they are a better overall choice, which is why we use them for our products.


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