Piston Pumps from Bestline


Piston pumps are positive-displacement pumps that has reciprocating high-pressure seals that work in conjunction with the piston. These pumps produce controlled force that can be regulated through a sealed system. Therefore, these pumps can be used to pump liquids through a sealed system. They can also be used for compressing gases within such a system. Piston pumps can operate at a spectrum of pressures and power outputs, depending on the requirements of the system they are linked to.


Cat Pumps manufactures piston pumps that can be used for a multitude of applications. We supply a wide range of Cat Pumps. We also manufacture a variety of high-pressure systems that use piston pumps to deliver optimal performance. Therefore, Bestline can deliver a spectrum of solutions in terms of high-pressure piston pumps and systems for your business. Today, we will focus on our range of pumps and systems to give you a general indication of our available products and how they can make a difference in your daily operations.


Piston Pumps for Your Business


Starting with our range of Cat Pumps, we offer high-pressure mid-size industrial piston pumps in a variety of configurations. Our selection starts with 3- and 5-frame triplex plunger pumps that include belt- and direct-drive models. These pumps include brass and stainless-steel versions, ranging from 2,4 to 5,1 hp in power output. This range also extends to 5-frame single-shaft pumps, featuring gearbox drive types to handle up to 10,8 hp in total output. Our range of Cat piston pumps goes on, with full listings available on our website for more details.


Bestline Manufacturing also manufactures custom high-pressure systems for a myriad of uses and applications. We can design, manufacture, and install custom heavy-duty vehicle wash bays and earthmoving vehicle wash bays. These bays utilise the power of water jetting to remove dirt and grime from the bodies of heavy-duty machinery. Therefore, you can keep your work fleet clean and maintained, ready for the next day of hard work. We also offer a plethora of jetting machinery, including underground jetting equipment for cleaning pipelines and sewers.


Micro-misting equipment is useful to address the problem of airborne dust in a closed area. Not only can micro-misting equipment control the climate in an enclosed area, but also improve the overall air quality for safety reasons. In workshops where heavy equipment is constantly used, a micro mister can be used to suppress the dust that is generated. The dust will simply fall to the ground and not be inhaled by the people in the workspace. Bestline Manufacturing uses CERJET spray nozzles to optimise the performance of systems using piston pumps to force water through spray nozzles. CERJET ceramic nozzles last up to 30 times longer than stainless-steel equivalents, making them a more durable option for your high-pressure system.


Bestline Manufacturing utilises the power of piston pumps to deliver a multitude of solutions for your business. When it comes to high-pressure pump systems, we can design custom systems to meet your specific requirements. Please contact us with any enquiries about our range of Cat Pumps or custom-built high-pressure systems employing piston pumps.