The Power of Piston Pumps


Pistons are used in a variety of machinery to generate power for various devices, such as car engines and high-pressure systems. A normal car engine runs on a 4-stroke cycle and only produces power every fourth stroke. The first stroke is the inlet stroke, the second is the compression, the third is ignition, and the fourth is the power stroke. This cycle is necessary to set the petrol-air mixture on fire (which makes the pistons go up and down, in turn rotating a crankshaft) that powers our cars. However, pistons are also used in pumps to move liquids.


If you are familiar with how a 4-stroke engine works, it would be easy to understand how a piston pump that operates on positive displacement works. Although these components can be connected to a direct-drive gearbox for more control, they normally run off the input of the operator, who determines its speed. Its speed will directly influence the force at which the high-pressure system displaces liquids or gases being forced through it. In most cases, these systems are used for water-jetting purposes.


Water jetting can be used to wash cars, blast clean surfaces, and flush pipelines to clear blockages in an underground system. The force of water being forced through a high-pressure system can also be utilised in specialised equipment such as construction-vehicle wash bays and micro-misting. Dust suppression is also a very useful application for such systems. By using a piston pump for these systems, the generated force is applied through positive displacement. This term refers to how the displacement of the liquids or gases in such a system is achieved to generate the necessary pressure.


Positive-displacement piston pumps trap a fixed amount of liquid or gas during the downstroke phase, which is then forced through the system and into the displacement pipe with the upstroke phase. This process is repeated with every revolution of the piston. The higher the speed is pushed, the more frequently the process will repeat itself and the more liquid will be moved. In accordance with the speed, the flow rate of the liquid or gas being forced through the system can be varied at will by the operator.


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