High-Pressure Piston Pumps for Industrial Applications


Pistons have been used for centuries in different types of machines that generate power, force, or pressure. Their most common use is rotating the crankshaft in an internal-combustion engine. These engines power many machines in the industrial sector and they are also used as the motive force in the vast majority of vehicles. We specialise in high-pressure systems and components for industrial and commercial applications. These systems require positive-displacement piston pumps to generate the necessary force. The force translates into pressure within a sealed system, which propels liquids or gases through such a system.


Gases are put under pressure to alter their behaviour to achieve a specific result when they exit the system. Liquids under pressure are, similarly, forced to accelerate to the nearest exit in such a system. Reverse-osmosis pumps can also be used to purify the liquid by forcing it through a permeable membrane. The membrane retains all the unwanted biological and non-biological materials and substances in solution. The product is pure water. Today, we will look at how a piston is used to create the force that makes these machines work.


Positive-Displacement Pumps


The principle of a piston is very simple. It is a component that moves in a linear up-and-down motion and it is connected to a crankshaft, rotating it. One cycle of such a movement is called a revolution. This type of equipment can operate at thousands of revolutions per second, dependent on its performance rating and the job at hand. Our high-pressure pumps all have detailed specification sheets indicating their maximum revolutions and their ability to move substances.


Since the piston is the driving force behind a high-pressure positive-displacement pump, this component must be designed and manufactured to handle everything thrown at it while on the job. Engines have become extremely reliable and can operate problem-free for years if properly maintained. CAT Pumps feature stainless-steel plunger rods and a chrome-moly crankshaft, ensuring that they can offer optimal durability and reliability. The cylinder is manufactured from hard, chrome-plated stainless steel to offer a long and trouble-free service life. As a result, you can trust the quality of these components to not let you down when using these high-pressure systems in your business.


Bestline Manufacturing is your supplier of high-pressure equipment and positive-displacement piston pumps in Johannesburg. We can manufacture equipment as well, based on your preferences. For more information on how we can assist your business, please browse our website for complete listings on our CAT products and details on our high-pressure systems.