Where to Find Superior Quality Piston Pumps for a Wide Range of Applications

We have been a supplier of Cat Pumps products from 1971, and we are the sole distributor of their products in Southern Africa. Their pumps feature the unique triplex piston design. With over 150 models from the brand, we are able to supply the equipment to meet your application needs. Indeed, there are over 500 applications for these units. As such, you can rest assured that we are able to meet your equipment needs, including the supply of spares and design services.

The brand offers triplex reciprocating piston or plunger units that deliver a specific flow, which is determined by the stroke, bore, and pump RPM. The bore & stroke increase according to frame size. This means that the flow capacity increases along with horsepower.

Their products have dynamic piston assembly uniflow valve designs. The inlet valves are mechanical and provide for exceptionally strong suction. The brand has a wide range of manifold materials to meet the liquid application needs of the client. Their range includes everything from stainless steel (S) and the 316 stainless steel (SS) to duplex stainless steel (SSD). They also have 316 stainless steel low carbon (SSL) and nickel aluminium bronze (NAB) manifold material.

The block type or special flushed-version options are the best for high-temperatures or lower-lubricity liquids. A chemical-capability guide is available, and our consultants are here to help you select the right manifold material for your particular liquid application needs.

The brand is also known for the superior quality of its drive type pumps. As a trusted supplier of their products, we offer an extensive range of drive types, including belt-driven ones.

Unique Design

Their plunger pumps feature concentric solid ceramic plungers, known for high abrasion resistance, which increases the seal durability. The Hi-Pressure Seal, specific to the brand, is superior in performance and longevity.

The extra-strong stainless steel plunger rods used in their plunger pumps come with the 360 degrees cross-head for the optimal alignment of the rod. The units feature oversized connecting rods made from strength alloys. With the material strength, these rods have a superb bearing capacity. The brand’s patented stepped piston rod has a hard chrome sleeve, which facilitates wet surfacing and ensures durability.

Final thought

The mentioned features are just some of the many superb characteristics of the brand’s piston, plunger, and slinger pumps. Get in touch with our Johannesburg team for help in product selection and pricing information.