Various Industrial Uses for Piston Pumps

Many industrial applications require a consistent flow of liquid during the manufacturing process, which can only be achieved with a pump that moves continually in a forward direction – piston pumps. Even though the operating principle of piston pumps is hundreds of years old, it has proven itself time and again to be the most reliable pump due to its suitability for conveying small flow rates at high pressure. When processes require high-pressure piston pumps, we at Bestline Manufacturing supply Cat Pumps, which are recognised as the longest-lasting, reliable pumps in the industry.


The Operating Principle of Piston Pumps

Just as a vehicle’s pistons need to continuously move to keep the engine running, the same principle applies to piston pumps. These pumps operate by a piston pushing a seal back and forth within a chamber with stroke movements, creating the vacuum and pressure. Fluid is driven through the hollow cylinder. Inlet and outlet valves control the movement of fluid in one direction throughout the pump, thereby reducing pulsation by maintaining constant pressure. What sets piston pumps apart from others is that they can be adapted to suit specific requirements, even in the harshest environments.

3 Frame CAT Piston PumpWhen Industrial Applications Require a Robust Pump

What makes piston pumps ideal for a variety of applications is their ability to pump liquids through at low flow rates and at high pressure, making piston pumps ideal for use in the chemical industry, for food processing, in wastewater treatment facilities, and in water purification, to name a few.


  1. Reverse Osmosis and Desalination

Using a high-pressure piston pump, with reverse osmosis and desalination, salinated and contaminated water is converted into drinkable, usable water. The action of the pump allows the salt and other organics to be pushed through a semi-permeable membrane where only the water molecules pass through the membrane into a clean chamber, leaving up to 99% of the salts and other contaminants behind in a reject stream. The amount of pressure that needs to be used is determined by the salt concentration of the feed water, which is generally at 1000 PSI or less.


  1. Drilling and Flushing

In diamond drilling, there must be a continuous flow of water to extend the lifespan of the core bit, keep the borehole lubricated, and flush any drill cuttings. The ball valve and seat design of triplex piston pumps make them tougher than most and prevent excess debris from clogging up the working mechanism of the pump. Water is pumped at anywhere between 20 and 900 litres per minute.


  1. Micro Misting and Cooling Systems

In micro misting and cooling systems, the piston pump forces water through the lines and nozzles at a high enough pressure, allowing the water to atomise as it passes through the nozzles to the surrounding environment. Micro misting and cooling systems are commonly used in agricultural applications, broiler house cooling, resorts, sports stadiums, and outdoor restaurants, to name a few.


Quality Pumps from the Leaders in the Industry

Whether a high-pressure piston pump is needed for sewer and jetting systems, dust suppression, or earth-moving equipment wash bays, we at Bestline Manufacturing have the Cat Pump for you. With over 50 years of experience in the pump industry, you can rest assured that as sole franchise holders of Cat Pumps in South Africa, you will be receiving a pump made from the finest high-quality materials that are reliable and long-lasting. Contact us and we will find the right pump for your specific requirements.


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