Introducing a Piston Pump and How it Works


If you are tasked with finding a reciprocating pump that’s right for your industry and the intended applications, you have come to just the right place. At Bestline Manufacturing in Johannesburg, we stock an extensive range of pumps, and look forward to assisting you with selecting the right pumps for your specific application. One pump that we are often asked about is the piston pump.


Piston pumps are a version of reciprocating pumps that transfer and pressure fluids by means of one or more reciprocating pistons. In most instances, piston pumps are powered by means of an electric motor, crankshaft, and connecting rod. Despite the fact that there are various types and versions of piston pumps on the market, all of them have one thing in common – each has at least one piston that moves within an enclosed cylinder. As the piston moves, it seals due to the presence of o-rings on the periphery.


The piston is tasked with drawing water into the cylinder and then pushing it out. In most instances, piston pumps offer a wide capacity range with flow rates between 5 and 700 gpm, a total head pressure of between 50 and 5 000 psi, and between 1 and 500 hp.


How Do Piston Pumps Work?


The force of the pumping mechanism is used to expand the movable liquid inside. The piston pump can draw the power to do this from various sources. At Bestline Manufacturing in Johannesburg, we stock a range of piston pumps powered by Cat Pumps. Our piston pumps are available in various sizes, which means that we have just the right pump for your specific application. As we stock Cat Pumps, you can expect them to withstand exposure to heavy-duty and high-pressured environments, without letting you down.


Where Are Piston Pumps Used?


Piston pumps are typically the hydraulic pumps that are used to power heavy machinery. They are also used in high-tech industrial machinery and equipment, and even in the oil industry. You can find piston pumps being actively used in paper mills, reverse osmosis systems, and dust suppression systems.


While piston pumps are highly durable, they also need to be protected and maintained. You will find that there are various types of protectors and accessories to ensure that your pump offers you a long lifespan. These include the likes of regulators, pressure reduction valves, accumulators, injection heads, and similar. These items regulate flow and ensure that the pump can get the task done safely and effectively.


If you are looking for a range of piston pumps that won’t let you down, we strongly urge you to only trust Cat Pumps from Bestline Manufacturing. We are the sole suppliers and distributors of Cat Pumps in South Africa, and will ensure that you are given access to a well-priced range of high-quality pump products that offer a long service life. Need more advice and information about piston pumps? Contact us via email or telephone at Bestline Manufacturing.