High-Pressure Pumps and Equipment in Johannesburg

High-pressure pumps are commonly used in sealed systems that require certain levels of pressure to create the necessary force to dispense gases or liquids. Some systems utilise permeable membranes to distil or purify liquids or gases. Others utilise the force created by the pump to accelerate the flow rate of liquids or gases through the system – and water jetting is a prime example of how such a concept is applied.

To create high levels of pressure, such a device must have some sort of pumping mechanism in it. CAT Pumpsuse positive-displacement pistons to create the necessary force. Instead of a pulling force by creating a vacuum, it creates a pushing force instead by generating high pressure. The force can be controlled in accordance with what is required for a specific application. We utilise this concept to create custom equipment and vehicle wash bays. If you want to harness the power of water jetting, we can build the equipment to serve your needs accordingly. So today, we will have a look at how your business can benefit from our solutions.

Water Jetting for Your Business

Businesses that have fleets of vehicles are aware of the constant headache of keeping all these vehicles clean. For industrial purposes, we design and build a custom earthmoving-vehicle wash bay. These use high-pressure pumps to force the water through the system and to the exit point – in this case, a rigid lance. The lance lets you target various areas of the vehicle to avoid areas that might suffer damage when hit with the sheer force of the jet. Therefore, you can protect your decals while getting rid of dirt and mud stuck to the underbody.

Large commercial vehicles are also difficult to clean on a daily basis. We can design a commercial-vehicle wash bay that will make such a process a lot faster and more convenient. CERJET nozzles feature ceramic orifices that are far more resistant to abrasive than metals – and they cannot rust. Therefore, they last longer in such a high-pressure system and deal more efficiently with the force created by the pump. The result is a more trustworthy piece of equipment for your business.

Bestline Manufacturing is your answer to high-pressure pumps and equipment in Johannesburg. We have a wide range of equipment that can be customised to suit your preferences. For more information on our available high-pressure equipment, please browse our website. Choose us ass your supplier today and utilise the power of water jetting daily in your business.