3 Essential Accessories for your CAT Pressure Pump

The commercial, industrial and residential sectors rely heavily on various pressure pump solutions on a daily basis. Without them, we would not be able to receive consumables, enhancement products, usable liquids and, most importantly, clean water supply. As with any machinery, all parts of the whole need to be in perfect condition for it to function properly and none so more than a pressure pump.

Built to Outlast Other Pressure Pumps

Pressure Pumps

Typically used to boost the water force and improve flow rates, a pumping system is essential and finding the right one is key to successful applications. When it comes to high quality and reliability, Cat pressure pumps offer the most dependable positive displacement high-pressure triplex pumps on the market. Like any investment, your Cat pressure pump must be regularly maintained. There are three essential accessories to be purchased to optimise its efficiency.


One of the easiest and least expensive preventative maintenance measures is lubrication. The primary purpose of lubrication is to reduce friction and allow the pressure pump’s moving parts to slide smoothly past each other as well as provide corrosion protection and cooling. As viscosity is the single most important property of any lubricant, Cat Pumps crankcase oil is recommended as it is a special blend, multi-viscosity petroleum-based hydraulic lubricant.

Pressure Pump Regulators

The key characteristic of a regulator is to reduce supply force to a lower outlet force and work to maintain this despite fluctuations in the inlet force. This offers protection against spikes in pressure maintaining full system force. All pump systems require a primary regulating device as well as a secondary safety release. The Cat pressure regulator is designed for single or multiple pump systems. The flow-thru design is easily plumbed into the discharge line or directly onto the discharge head. This regulator maintains a set system pressure even when only one of several guns or nozzles is performing or a solenoid valve is open, bypassing the unused flow.

Pressure Pump Pulsation Dampeners

These are inline dampening devices used to smooth out pulsations in a pump’s output. Pulsation dampeners are used alongside a pressure pump as a mounted accessory to help achieve certain flow rates for an application. By absorbing the “pulse waves” they increase the life of the pump and system components and protect them from damage due to force or excess movement. Dampeners are pre-charged with nitrogen to eliminate moisture and extend bladder life and are installed on the discharge side of the pump. Cat pulsation dampeners reduce pulsation to above or below 3%. The valve is sealed and comes pre-charged to 250 PSI for system operating forces of 300 to 600 PSI.

Cat Pressure Pumps and Accessories – All You Could Need

As sole franchise holders of Cat Pumps, “The Pump with Nine Lives”, in South Africa, Bestline Manufacturing supplies and maintains pumping solutions for industrial and commercial applications.  Whether water purification processes need to be put in place or micro-misting and cooling systems are required, contact us to find the perfect solution for your individual requirements.

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