The Function of Pressure Pumps

Pressure pumps are used to generate force within a high-pressure or high-flow system. These systems include water-jetting equipment, surface blasters, and vehicle wash bays. The concept of any of these systems is to utilise the power of fast-flowing liquids. When liquids and gases are put under pressure, they react by being forced to the nearest exit point in such a system. The result is an increased flow rate, which is very handy for water-jetting applications.

High Pressure Mid Size Pumps
High Pressure Mid Size Pumps

A pressure pump delivers the means to generate and control the force in a high-pressure system. Since the force will directly influence flow rates at which the liquids or gases will exit a system, it is important to ensure that you have quality and reliability on your side. This is especially true for underground water-jetting equipment that uses lances to fire a focused jet of water into a blocked pipeline. It usually takes two people to control such a lance, which goes to show the level of force at which the water is travelling through the system. Therefore, control is key to ensure the safety and efficiency of such systems.

How It Works

Some sort of motive force like an engine or motor is necessary to generate the power in such a high-pressure system and such a power unit generates the necessary power and torque to drive the pump. Simply put, the torque is the twisting force applied around a shaft and the power output is the rate at which the work can be done. Naturally, there is a huge range of equipment available on the market of varying power outputs to cater to a multitude of different needs.

Internal-combustion engines use pistons to generate this type of force and achieve their power output. A high-pressure pump also features a piston for the same purposes. Although it is only the output of a single piston, it is more than enough to power water-jetting equipment. Some models are gearbox-driven, resulting in even more control in terms of the power level and flow rate. With the necessary power available, the rest of the system must also be designed to be able to handle the force. Therefore, these systems and containers are regularly tested for leaks and structural integrity.

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