Give Your Water System a Boost with a Quality Pressure Pump for Sale at Bestline Manufacturing

Did a black Friday advert flaunting pumps for sale at drop-dead prices catch your eye? The summer months have finally arrived, and if South Africans have learned anything, it’s that water shortages are real. Whether you’re struggling with low water pressure and you want to gear up for the December holidays, you’re harvesting your own rainwater in a JoJo tank to keep your landscape blooming and green, or you’re looking to get more out of your swimming pool without hurting your bank account, you will need to invest in our pressure pumps.

Pressure vs Booster Models

You’ve probably heard many refer to pressure pumps as booster pumps, so what’s the difference? As the name suggests, pressure pumps enhance the pressure of water, along with the flow of the water. They perform the same tasks as booster models, with the only difference being that a pressure device is larger –allowing vaster quantities of water to flow through a water system. Allowing your water system to change speed according to your requirements – no matter the number of inlets, investing in one of these pumps for sale will alleviate your future water demands.

Energy Efficiency First

Unless you’ve chosen to go the solar route, pumps consume power – some more than others. To avoid blowing funds, you probably don’t have – and churning through energy you do not need, avoid purchasing the first machine you see on sale. Similar to a power tool, do your homework. Consider the distance to the water source, the number of faucets, motor type, and its ease of use, casing, and requirements. Above all, consider energy efficiency before buying the first model you see for sale.

The Bigger the Device, the Greater the Energy Bill

The bigger the pressure device for sale, the higher the energy it draws, which means the higher your monthly electricity bill. Never purchase the biggest model with the meanest horsepower only because the sale price is a bargain. An average water pump’s wattage can vary between 250 watts to 1,100 watts. If you want to reduce your energy costs, purchase a 400-watt engine for a flow of around 60 litres a minute and 600-watt horsepower for around 100 litres a minute. If you’re unsure about the flow rate and horsepower, chat with your supplier.

Centrifugal: The Top Choice for Daily Water Requirements

Pressure pumps are the go-to for hundreds of domestic and business applications, which is why purchasing the right one for getting the best results is very important. Because of water pressure and climate issues, the most common device used throughout homes and businesses in Johannesburg and Pretoria is the centrifugal model. Easy, efficient, and affordable, these powerful machines are ideal for sprinkler systems, JoJo tanks, swimming pools, moving water up apartment buildings, and lots more.

We Cater to Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Sectors

A quality device must provide a steady supply of water through taps, showers and pipes, no matter the climb or the number of faucets. They must be mobile, compact and easy to operate and maintain – even in the worst of weather conditions. As the sole franchise holder of Cat pumps in South Africa, contact Bestline Manufacturing for an extensive range of models that cater to the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.