A Top Tip for Maintaining Your Cat Pressure Pump During Storage, Between Projects


If you have invested in a Cat pressure pump from Bestline Manufacturing in Johannesburg, you might be interested in how to best maintain, service, and care for your pump, so that it can operate at peak performance for the longest possible time. One particular product that is great for maintaining your pressure pump is the Cat pressure washer pump protector.


This is a particularly useful maintenance tip for those who store their pressure washers for long periods. The fluid product is designed to lubricate seals and valves to prevent sticking. The product also inhibits corrosion and prevents the build-up of mineral deposits. What’s great about choosing this particular product to maintain your pressure pump is that it is 100% environmentally friendly, as it is biodegradable.


How to Use the Cat Pressure Pump Protector Product


Turn the engine motor off, disconnect all of the pressure pump’s hoses and unscrew the cap of the bottle. The bottle will be able to screw onto the pump inlet connector. Squeeze the contents of the product into the pump inlet. If you are running an electric pressure washer, only turn the washer on briefly, to ensure that the fluid is transferred from the outlet, and then turn it off. And that’s it. Now you can safely store your pressure washer or use it again.


Which Cat Pressure Pumps are Stocked at Bestline Manufacturing in Johannesburg?


As part of our pressure washer pumps at Bestline Manufacturing, we stock the following ranges:


  • SF Series – these pumps range in pressure from 1 500 to 3 500 psi.


  • Plunger Pumps – this range includes CP, 5PFR, 15PFR, 25PFR, and 35PFR models, with pressure capacities ranging from 1 500 to 5 000 psi.


While we offer competitive prices on all of these pressure pumps, we can also provide you with maintenance and service advice, and provide you with some helpful guidance on choosing the right pressure pump for your specific application and needs. We welcome you to browse through our pressure pump product listing, and encourage you to discuss your requirements and available budget with us. Our team at Bestline Manufacturing is familiar with the Cat range of pressure pumps, and can provide you with a wealth of product-related information and advice.


To consult with us, you can pay a visit to our premises in Honeydew, or you can simply give us a call or send us an email when it’s most convenient to you.