Pressure Pumps from CAT


Pressure pumps have a plethora of applications throughout the commercial and industrial sectors. Whether they are used in vehicle wash bays at the local fuel station or being put to use for high-pressure surface blasting, their uses are almost limitless. Gases and liquids can both be pressurised, giving them a variety of uses when put under pressure, with the possibility of being put to use in many ways in our daily lives.


Take water as a prime example. Once water flowing from a specific source is put under pressure, the power of the flow becomes faster and more intense, delivering a viable method of cleaning surfaces and blasting away unwanted debris in the process. A pressurised air cylinder can serve as a viable example for what happens when air is being put under pressure, delivering a strong burst of air to quickly inflate balloons, tyres, and the like. When it comes to providing high-pressure pumps and related solutions for businesses, Bestline Manufacturing offers a wide range of CAT pumps and accompanying systems to take full advantage of, dispensing liquids and gases under pressure for specific purposes. Today, we will cover some of the CAT pumps that we offer for sale, giving you an indication of what to expect when choosing Bestline as your supplier of pressure pumps.


Looking at our selection of mid-sized, high-pressure pumps, we offer ultra-dependable industrial pumps that are not only durable, but also provide consistent performance throughout their lifespan. This range kicks off with our 3-frame triplex plunger pump selection, offering belt- and direct-drive pumps to suit your preferences. The smallest model in this range is the 230, offering a flow rate of 2,7 gpm, with pressure ratings of between 100 and 1500 psi, and producing 2,4 hp of power. The 230 operates at 1725 rpm and uses brass as a manifold material for optimal performance. This range scales up to the 277 model, with a flow rate of 3,5 gpm that can be obtained and a total power output of 3,6 hp. It operates at 1420 rpm and is available in a belt-drive model only.


Bestline Manufacturing offers a wide range of CAT pressure pumps to choose from, whether you want to buy them separately or as part of a customised system manufactured by us for your specific business requirements. Should you need more information, feel free to browse our website for detailed specifications on our pressure pumps or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Choose Bestline today and take advantage of our pressure pumps and other solutions for your business.