The Uses of High-Pressure Pumps


Pressure pumps are used in a variety of industrial cleaning equipment. Whether it is a car wash bay at the local fuel station or an industrial water-jetting machine, these pumps are used to create the necessary pressure to propel liquids and gases at high speed from sealed systems. Bestline Manufacturing offers a wide variety of Cat pumps and related equipment for industrial applications. Once a liquid such as water is forced through a sealed system, it can be ejected at a high speed and with great force. This high-pressure force can be harnessed and put to good use in a variety of applications.


One of the basic uses of water flowing at high speed is cleaning. A garden hose is an example of a system in which the pressure from the tap forces the water to the opening of the hose. If you apply more pressure to the system by partially blocking the opening, the added pressure forces the water out of the system at a more rapid rate. This also increases the force of the water stream being ejected from the system. Now, imagine this concept within a purpose-built system that is connected to a high-pressure pump that can generate very high pressures.


Cleaning Under Pressure


High-pressure pumps are used in sealed systems to provide the necessary pressure to achieve the required flow rates. These pumps can be used for liquid and gas systems. Inert gases react similarly to water when being forced through a sealed system but may be used for different purposes. For industrial cleaning purposes, pressure pumps are used in heavy-duty vehicle washing bays for surface blasting. These pumps can also be connected to sewer-jetting equipment to clean and blast clear underground pipe systems. This technique avoids the need to replace sections that are partially clogged or completely blocked. With the power of pressurised water, jetting equipment can force its way through almost any blockage.


Bestline Manufacturing can also offer custom-built commercial-vehicle wash bays for your business. These wash bays are ideal for buses and large commercial trucks. We can customise the layout and size of these wash bays to accommodate your work environment and meet your needs. If you require more information on our wide selection of pressure pumps and high-pressure systems, please peruse our website for all the necessary details. We offer solutions for all your high-pressure system needs, so talk to us today and take advantage of our custom-built pressure systems for your own business.