Pressure Pumps for Any Application


Pressure pumps are used to pressurise sealed, high-pressure systems. These pumps are used in industrial and commercial applications like vehicle wash bays, underground pipeline jetting equipment, and surface blasters. When liquids and gases are exposed to high levels of pressure, they can be dispensed in a way suitable to do a certain job. Water dispensed under pressure is ideal for use in high-pressure cleaning systems. The water is pressurised and dispensed through special nozzles in a controlled way and at a predetermined force.

The propulsion speed of the water can also be referred to as its flow rate, which needs to be at a certain level to be effective for its intended purpose. Once the water leaves the system, the nozzle shapes the stream into a powerful, finely controlled jet or spray. The speed and force of the spray effectively blast surfaces clean, removing solids such as mud, dirt, and sand. Underground jetting systems also make use of the force that is generated by pressure pumps that are connected to a closed high-pressure system to clear pipelines.

The type of jet and the pressure at which the water is dispensed are very important. A car’s paintwork, for example, can very easily be damaged by excessive water pressure. However, a lot of pressure is exactly what is required for underground jetting systems to effectively clear blockages out of pipelines and to clean the insides of the pipelines. Therefore, it is important to not only have a strong and reliable pressure pump connected to such a system, but one generating the correct pressure for the job at hand.

Bestline Manufacturing supplies high-pressure solutions for industrial and commercial applications. We specialise in Cat Pumps’ selection of pressure pumps for our custom-built systems. These pumps generate the required pressure from a single piston within the pump. The speed at which the piston operates can be varied, depending on the amount of pressure needed. Cat Pumps are durable and have a sound reputation for quality and dependability in the industry. These pumps can be used in almost any high-pressure system. We offer a range of Cat pumps to our customers, ensuring that you will always be able to find a pump that meets your needs.

Bestline Manufacturing is located in Johannesburg and can deliver solutions regarding pressure pumps and high-pressure systems. Our vast selection of Cat Pumps and custom-built systems will give your business the edge when it comes to pressure washers, surface blasters, and micro-misting equipment. Contact us today with your enquiries.