Our Selection of Pressure Pumps and Equipment


Water jetting is the concept of forcing water through a high-pressure system to boost the flow rate at which it exits the system. Such a system typically requires a positive-displacement pump to generate the force required to propel the water through the system. Normally, spray nozzles are used to shape or fan out the emerging stream of liquid as required. In other cases, such as that of underground jetting equipment, the nozzle focuses the stream.


High-pressure pumps come in different sizes and displacements to cater to different pressure levels. We offer a wide selection of positive-displacement CAT Pumps and these are also used in our custom-built equipment. They generate the power to propel the water with the appropriate force when exiting the system. Underground jetting equipment focuses a single stream of water to penetrate and break up blockages, while surface-blasting equipment may produce a differently shaped stream. Therefore, different applications can result in a wide selection of equipment that will make a notable difference to your business’s efficiency.


Positive-displacement, high-pressure pumps generate energy to force liquids through the system as opposed to sucking the liquids through by creating a vacuum. In some instances, vacuum systems are still in use. However, by forcing the liquid through the system, you have more control over the flow rate and the force being generated. A finely controlled water-jetting machine is a very useful tool and this type of equipment can be used for underground jetting purposes and surface blasting. We manufacture a variety of these systems and can build them to suit your preferences.


We use high-pressure pumps when manufacturing custom vehicle wash bays, surface blasters, underground jetting equipment, and dust suppressors. Commercial vehicles and earthmoving and construction vehicles are both abnormally large and challenging to clean properly. With our custom wash bays, you can utilise the power of surface blasting to efficiently clean these vehicles. Dust suppression is also useful to purify the air from dust particles in a work environment. This type of equipment is highly recommended in areas where dust can be hazardous to your or your employees’ health.


Bestline Manufacturing is your answer to high-pressure equipment for your business in Johannesburg. We deliver a wide selection of CAT Pumps and water-jetting equipment to give your business the edge. Whether you need an innovative vehicle wash-bay solution or something that can clear pipeline blockages, we have you covered. For more on our products and equipment, please browse our website for details. Choose us today for all your water-jetting needs.