A Brief Look at the Amazing Functionality of Plunger Pressure Pumps

High-pressure mid-size plunger pumps are used in a wide range of applications including car wash systems, heavy vehicle wash bays, and technological process applications as can be found in chemical industries.

The displacement type pumps are perfect for a variety of flow rates where specific pressure levels must be reached. Such units are used for pumping water or other types of liquid at different temperature ranges. These units can be effective even for the displacement of coal mash or detergents from slurry systems.

Although the plunger types are related to the piston pumps, there are some differences. With a piston type, the piston comes to the cylinder wall. This is not the case with the osculating plunger type. Also, the plunger type pressure pumps work on the basis of displacement. The plunger has a stationary seal within a box that is known as the stuffing box. Suction is created when the plunger retracts. This causes the water or other type of liquid to flow towards the one side, which is known as the discharge end.

The plunger unit output is related to the RPM, the plunger stroke, and the cylinder bore size. When moving forward, the plunger displaces the liquid volume with its own. In the process, the pressure is increased. The pressure valve opens once the suction valve closes. Several such open-and-close, backwards-and-forward movements take place in an ongoing manner. Indeed, the cycles can be very fast, ensuring sufficient pressure to displace the fluid at an exceptionally fast rate. Several such plungers are needed within the same pumping system where the flow rate must be higher.

Due to the design and materials used in the plunger pumps, these units can operate non-stop. All parts of the unit can be covered by liquid. With their specific designs and the materials from which they are made, they can be used with many types of abrasive media.

Where To Buy?

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