Applications and Benefits of Using Pressure Pumps

No household, business or industry can survive without water, as they are exceedingly reliant on water for their day-to-day running. Quite honestly, we wouldn’t be able to survive without this precious liquid. The only time we stop to think about how water affects our daily lives is when there is a drop in the water pressure coming from our taps.

Daily tasks become more frustrating when there is no to low water supply and this is usually caused by the water pressure regulator failing. The easiest and least cost-effective way to prevent this from happening is to install a pressure pump. The uses and benefits of having this installed will alleviate any water flow rate problems that you or your business may experience.

Supplying uninterrupted water flow

The concept behind a pressure pump is that it allows pipelines to supply a constant, uninterrupted flow of liquid at the desired water flow rates. Factors like gravity, additional water systems and low municipal water flow rates contribute to this. With these units, flow rates are constant whether the fluid is travelling along a steep gradient or long distances.

The uses for normal households include external cleaning, moving water from external storage tanks for use and daily household chores.

From mining to construction, water supply is vital

Pressure PumpsThe agriculture industry is highly reliant on them as water needs to be transported from natural water sources or reservoirs to ensure that crops are irrigated, and that livestock has adequate drinking water. They are also used as liquid fertilisers.

In the mining industry, it is used for dewatering purposes as it helps to remove water from underground mining sites to designated areas. Heavy-duty wash bays, for earth moving and mining equipment, use pressure pumps to ensure that solids, mud and sand are removed from the machinery.

Construction needs pressure pumps to keep the site workable. Water from trenches as well as sewage needs to be transported.

The process of reverse osmosis desalinisation relies on pressure pumps for water purification, wastewater treatment, food processing and even pharmaceutical processing.

The pros outweigh the cons

There are so many benefits of installing and using a pressure pump that it makes them perfect for a variety of uses. The main purpose of these units is to increase water flow rates and boost water supply and they have an added bonus of being compact and easily transportable. There is hardly any maintenance involved in keeping these machines running.

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