What You Need to Know About Pressure Pumps

There is nothing more frustrating than opening a tap and seeing a trickle of water coming through. It could be that there is more than one tap being used affecting the water supply. Sitting and waiting for a household member to finish showering so that you can water the garden is not ideal. What you need is a way to boost your water supply. Purchasing and installing pressure pumps will sort the issue out in no time and leave you with a constant supply of water at high flow rates.

Providing a Constant and High Water Flow

Pressure pumps also referred to as booster pumps, are installed to provide a constant flow of water at high rates. Powered by an electric motor, the blades spin around to increase water movement. An inlet pulls the water in and the outlet pushes the water out at increased rates, and a sensing device helps with maintaining the correct amount of force. For more control around the pressure of the pumps, a control switch can be installed.


Pressure Pump Pressure Washer Pump

Pressure Pumps for Battling Gravity

Gravity feed through a piping system is one of the biggest contributors to low flow rates. It could be that the feed coming from the municipal supply isn’t strong enough, the distance between the water source and pipes is too great or the feed needs to include uphill gravity like rainwater harvesting tanks. To combat this issue, pressure pumps will provide the boost that is needed to force the water through at consistently high flow rates.

Pressure Pumps for Alternative Water Sources

Many people rely on alternative water sources for their main supply, like boreholes or spike water systems. As this involves the movement of water through multiple layers for use, pressure pumps are used as they are strong enough to move water at the required capacity.

Overusing Your Water Supply

Existing water pressure may not be able to sustain the use of multiple systems at a given time. Running household water together with irrigation systems or other features can cause the pressure to drop considerably. Pressure pumps will facilitate multiple-use systems without affecting the flow rates.

Weighing Up the Pros and Cons

There are many benefits to having pressure pumps installed but there are factors to consider beforehand as this influences the type and quality of pump needed.

  • The size of the pump needs to go hand-in-hand with the size of your pipes as this will directly impact flow rates.
  • Is your water source above or below ground level?
  • Where does the water need to go to? Will the supply be needed for multiple bathrooms? Will it have a gravity feed through multiple storeys?
  • How many outlets are needed and how much water needs to be moved at one time?

Lastly, you need to consider the amount of force the pump can add to your existing water pressure and the amount of power needed to operate your pumping system.

Make the Right Booster Pump Decision

Buying and installing the correct pressure pumps needs to be dealt with by professionals. Since 1971 and as the sole franchise holder of Cat Pumps in South Africa, Bestline Manufacturing, has been supplying pumping solutions to various sectors of industry. From micro-misting and cooling to hydrostatic equipment, we have a solution for you.

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