What is a Water Booster Pump and How Does It Work?

Think of water boosters or pressure pumps as fans for water. Where fans have blades that spin around to increase air movement, pressure pumps have impellers inside them that increase water pressure and flow rates. They are commonly used when the pressure and flow rate delivered at individual plumbing fixtures fail to meet code requirements. In short, working in conjunction with a source pump, they provide an extra boost to get your fluid force to where you want it.

The Mechanisms That Make It Work

The basic function of these types of pressure pumps is, through the impellers, to move water that comes in through the inlet to the outlet for ultimate end-use. The pumps differ according to how the water is sucked in and out. Some use spinning propellers while others use oscillating diaphragms. Oscillating diaphragms propel water using two oscillating or rotating plates, one with cups and one with indentations. As the plates roll together, they compress the cups and force water outPressure pumps. As the plates roll open, more water is sucked in.

Getting the Water to Where it Needs to Go

Water booster pumps generate enough force to carry water from storage tanks to homes and even businesses. Water pressure delivered to households from the water source is usually high which means that it loses energy along the pipeline before it reaches the storage tank or intended area. The booster installation adds extra “energy” to the water being supplied through the pipeline thereby restoring the necessary level of force and allowing the water to reach the required height of the building.

Boosting Household Water Flow

When several appliances are supplied with water simultaneously, it results in an automatic drop in the amount of water that comes through the taps or showers. This is when water booster systems come in handy. These pressure pumps can be used for multiple purposes such as irrigation, flushing toilets, appliances, and second or third showers without affecting the pressure of the water in the household.

Assortment of Applications

From households to businesses and industries, water booster pumps are used for a number of applications. Besides being used inside the home, they are needed to regulate the water force for sprinkler systems. Some of the industrial applications of pressure pumps include filtration, reverse osmosis, HVAC, mining and any industrial process that requires high fluid pressure (food processing).

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