How to Choose the Right Pressure Pump

With so many pressure pump models available on the market, one can easily be overwhelmed with all the choices available, particularly if you are not completely sure what unit you specifically want. The type of pump you choose will impact the productivity of your equipment and will have a direct impact on the efficiency of your business. Choosing the right type of pressure pump is an important decision that should not be made lightly. You will have to decide beforehand how large the pump should be and if you are looking for an intensifier or crankshaft pump. Research is thus very important.

Leading Cat Pumps Available in South Africa

In just about any pumping application where constant smooth flow rate and high pressure is needed, Cat Pumps offer an extensive selection that operate in more than 500 different applications. Its Triplex reciprocating positive displacement pump is perhaps one of the most economical choices you can make. It is recognised for its reliability and flexibility. Cat Pumps’ triplex pumps have an established operating base that encompasses rail and road transport, food production, construction, pharmaceutical and chemicals and manufacturing, to name a few.

Cat Pumps is undeniably one of the world’s leading manufacturers of robust pressure pumps, offering continuous rated designs and great quality pumps that provide high levels of energy efficiency. These pumps also provide long, trouble-free operation between service intervals. These factors, along with Cat Pumps’ ability to provide skid mounted units, bare shaft pumps and complete systems, have made them one of the leading suppliers of pressure pumps for machine designers and plant managers around the world.

Great Quality and Reliable Service Pressure Pumps

If continuous duty performance, lowest overall cost of ownership and low maintenance are your priorities, then choosing a Cat Pumps pressure pump for your application will continue to deliver great quality each time. For those looking for help with choosing which type to use, turn to Bestline Manufacturing. We have been supplying southern Africa with Cat Pumps as a sole franchise holder since 1971.

Throughout these many years of industry experience we have built a solid industry reputation as one of the leading suppliers of quality pressure pumps throughout the region. We are very proud of our long history of service throughout the years and continue to provide our clients with the expert services and advice that they have come to expect from us.

Our Cat Pump range of triplex pistons, plunger and sleeve pumps now far exceed more than 150 pump models that perform well in over 500 different applications. One of the ways in which we continually strive to go the extra mile is to provide our customers with a comprehensive and personalised service. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, our sales team will use our extensive network to source and find the pumps you’re after.

This is just another way in which we continue to work hard to lead our industry forward. Bestline Manufacturing offers an extensive range of quality Cat Pumps from stock. However, aside from merely supplying Cat Pumps products, we also carry a complete range of spares for all the products we supply. This means that should the need ever arise, we can quickly replace the parts that need replacing and keep your machines and factories moving. You will not have to worry about downtime ever again and we will help to keep your machines moving at all times.

Our comprehensive design service with modern, cutting edge testing facilities also allow us to further offer greater value to our customers. We are committed to only offering you the very best value for your money.

Some of the many pressure pumps you can expect to find from Bestline Manufacturing include ultra-dependent mid-size industrial pumps and high pressure mid-size industrial pumps, among many others.

Our team of industry professionals are at hand to help you make the best purchasing choice and to ensure that you find the pressure pump that will suit your application best. We provide our clients excellent after sales services and the greatest value for your money when you choose Bestline Manufacturing to source your pump products. Contact us to discuss all your pressure pump requirements today.