Pressure Washer Tips for Absolute Beginners

Gone are the days of being on your hands and knees scrubbing stubborn stains off floors and surfaces or balancing on a step ladder trying to free your gutters from debris. With a pressure washer, your outdoor cleaning blues will be over in minutes.

Preparation before purchase

High-Pressure WasherA pressure washer is a piece of equipment and carries potential risk when used incorrectly, so before starting make sure that you adhere to safety precautions. Protective glasses and hearing protection are a must as these machines can be very noisy and, depending on the pressure used, you may be sprayed back and get drenched in the process.

What is the intended use of the pressure washer? Is there a lot of grime, rust or dirt build-up that needs to be removed? These are important questions as they form the basis of the type of machine and nozzles that you will need to use. For example, home use applications need less pressure compared to industrial applications.

The final decision to be made before you get started is whether you want an electric motor or petrol machine. Electric is more convenient for use around the home. However, you may be limited by the electrical outlets available to you. An alternative option is to get a mobile unit with an onboard petrol engine that can operate anywhere.

Let’s get cleaning

Armed with the necessary safety precautions and having purchased the adequate model, you can get started with your cleaning. Choosing the correct nozzle is essential as they determine the amount of water pressure. The nozzles come in five different colours and the one to use is dependent on the surface area that needs to be cleaned.

A red nozzle makes a small, concentrated yet very powerful jet, so it is perfect to use on very hard surfaces to remove tough stains such as grease, oil and tar. The yellow nozzle is commonly used to prep surfaces before painting or staining and, at a safe distance, for removing caked dirt from agricultural equipment and 4x4s. The green and white nozzles are the most used for household applications. The green nozzle produces a wider spray which is ideal for use on surfaces where the dirt isn’t that deeply embedded, such as decks, patios and boats. For more fragile surfaces, the white nozzle produces a fine wide spray perfect for cleaning windows and blinds. The black nozzle is used like a soap dispenser as it is the lowest pressure nozzle with the largest orifice.

Now that you are fully equipped with the ABCs of pressure washers, you can transform your home from old to new using this handy tool.

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