Revolutionise Your Cleaning Routine by Selecting the Right Type of Pressure Washer Hose  


The removal of stubborn dirt and debris often requires more than traditional cleaning tools, such as a pressure washer machine. As these highly effective cleaning machines are often used in multiple locations and are portable, it is advisable to ensure that the pressure washer hose you select can withstand the pressure and desired flow produced by the pump and nozzle. At Bestline Manufacturing, not only do we offer a range of Cat Pumps for pressure washing, but we also have the accessories to ensure optimum pump and pressure washer performance at all times.


What to Look for When Selecting a Pressure Washer Hose


Pressure Washer HoseWhether the pressure washer you select is for cleaning off an intense build-up of dirt on concrete, stripping paint from wood, or simply keeping outdoor furniture looking as good as new, having the right type of hose is just as important as the pressure washer itself. As with hosepipes, a pressure washer hose will go through a lot of abuse, being dragged, tugged, and dropped whilst in use. Having a hose that is durable and less likely to get damaged is crucial to the cleaning application and the longevity of the pressure washer itself.


Choosing the right length and connectors and knowing the pressure are vital factors that we at Bestline Manufacturing would urge you to consider before purchasing your pressure washer hose.


  1. Length of Hose

The length of a pressure washer hose is directly proportionate to the amount of pressure needed for cleaning. We would suggest that if a pressure washer is required for outdoor cleaning around the house, a shorter hose is purchased so that the power isn’t affected. Commercial and industrial applications normally require longer-length hoses.


  1. Pressure Required

The hose you select must be capable of handling the amount of pressure produced by the pressure washer through the pump. Check the PSI (pounds per square inch) on your washer and that the hose you purchase can handle the same amount of pressure. Buying your hose for the maximum amount of pressure alone will have you replacing hoses more often than necessary.


  1. Fittings

Make sure that the fittings or connectors fit the pressure washer hose. The connectors are vital for the efficacy of the hose, handgun, and any extensions.


Extend the Lifespan of Your Pressure Washer Hose


You know the problems you can experience when your hosepipe is kinked and the damage it can cause – the same can be said for a pressure washer hose if it is not stored and looked after correctly. As your pressure washer is an investment, we would urge you to store the hose properly. Don’t leave it lying around loose on the ground or carelessly looped. Perhaps invest in a hose reel? They are perfect for keeping a pressure washer hose safe without damaging it.


Keep our suggestions in mind when choosing a hose as you don’t want to end up with a hose that can’t handle the pressure.


Quality Keeps Your Pressure Washer Machine Working


As pressure washers have been specifically designed to make light of heavy cleaning work, at Bestline Manufacturing, we ensure that only the best quality pumps operate them – Cat Pumps. Whether a pressure washer is required for heavy-duty vehicle wash bays or underground and water jetting, contact us for pumps that are optimised for product life and reliable performance.