Beyond the Basics: The Science of a High Pressure Washer Hose   


Garden hoses may suffice for light watering and cleaning but when it comes to removing stubborn dirt and stains as well as keeping factories free from contaminants, a pressure washer hose is the ideal solution. Even though the initial cost far exceeds that of your trusty hosepipe, the efficiency, versatility, and power that these mobile or permanent cleaning tools offer make it an investment that pays for itself in the long run.

Pressure Washer Hoses for Enhanced Cleaning Solutions


At Bestline Manufacturing, we supply the pumps that drive high-pressure washers, and would like to delve into arguably the most important piece of modern equipment – a pressure washer hose. Before we get started, it is imperative to understand that every component of high-pressure washers has been specifically designed to work as a cohesive unit, including selecting the right sized pump based on an application.


For industrial and heavy-duty applications, a pressure washer hose needs to be able to handle a variety of fluids at varying flow rates and temperatures. It is, therefore, vital to the operating efficiency of your pressure washer that you understand a bit about the materials the hoses are made from. Rubber hoses are comprised of three parts: the inner tube, reinforcement, and the cover.

Pressure Washer Hose

Below, we at Bestline Manufacturing would like to expand on a few of the main types of hoses.


Steel Wire Reinforced Pressure Washer Hoses


A pressure washer hose reinforced with steel wire is often used in high-pressure applications due to its tensile strength reinforcement, namely wire. While the reinforcement is made from braided or spiral steel wire and fibre fabrics, the inner tube and external cover are normally manufactured from synthetic rubber, which is extremely durable.


High Pressure Steam Hose


Single or double wire steam hoses step up to the plate when general high-pressure hoses can’t. The unique design of these hoses enables them to handle hot water and steam. The covers are manufactured from superior-quality synthetic rubber, which is highly resistant to vibrations as well as high temperatures, making it possible for them to deliver steam for fire prevention and heat control. With one or two layers of wire providing more support, they are the perfect hoses to work with in high-pressure environments. The strength of the outer cover provides added resistance against bursting and cracking under large differences in temperature.


Textile Reinforced


As with thermoplastic hoses, textile reinforced hoses are lightweight and flexible, suitable for water-based hydraulic applications that require medium to low pressure. The inner and outer tubes are made from synthetic rubber and reinforced with multiple layers of braided textile, making them resistant to abrasion, corrosion, and ageing.


These pressure washer hoses, together with thermoplastic, rotary drilling, and steel wire spiralled hoses, have been scientifically engineered and manufactured for optimal high-pressure washer working performance in specific applications. Commercial and industrial cleaning, water jetting, and water blasting are but a few of the industries that rely heavily on the efficacy of pressure washer pumps and their necessary accessories, such as hoses.


Long-Lasting Dependable Pumps


As the sole distributor of Cat Pumps in South Africa, we at Bestline Manufacturing stand behind the proven reliability and durability of these pumps. Each Cat Pump and accessory has been specifically manufactured to withstand harsh environments and high operating pressures, with every designed detail optimised for an extended lifespan. Contact us if you want to invest in a pump that embraces a zero-defect philosophy.