Looking Into Pressure Washer Products – Plunger Pumps

Pressure washer products have been used for many years to assist with cleaning jobs where elbow grease, water and soap simply won’t suffice. They constitute a single pump capable of ejecting water at a very high speed through a nozzle to clean all manner of surfaces in a variety of settings – from the home to industrial environments. They save time by being able to clean up to five times faster than a normal garden hose; they fuel productivity since employees have more time for other jobs; they save water since they use about half the amount of water a normal hose does. And they help you look good in front of clients and the competition since they clean really, really well.

Among these useful pieces of equipment there exist a few different types. Each one has its own significant benefits and should be chosen when the decision is made to invest.

Belt-Drive Products

Belt-drive models are ideal for heavy duty operations, and are typically used in industrial settings. You know you’ll require one of these monsters if the average amount of time of intended used during a week averages about 20 hours or more. The belt is connected to the motor of the high pressure pump, and is the key focus here: it helps to rid it of any built-up heat and lessens vibrations throughout the structure of the engine. This reduces wear and tear which ultimately means less money is spent on repairs, and that the pump enjoys a much longer lifetime by reducing the require revolutions per minute (RPM).

Direct-Drive Products

More appropriate for home-use or for small businesses, direct-drive models are perfect for settings where the intended use is less than 20 hours per week. In this instance the pump is connected directly to the engine. In these models the pump spins at double the speed of its belt-drive counterpart. Heavy use of these models may incur higher and more frequent repair costs. But for all that, they have a lower initial price tag, which makes them more economical when used appropriately.

One other aspect that has to be taken into account is fluid temperature. Where the machine is used for general cleaning purposes or to strip paint from walls, a cold pressure washer will suffice. But when the intended use is for a variety of different materials including stubborn substances like grease, a hot water washer is the best choice.

In all events, pressure washer products generally pay for themselves within a few short months of use. This makes them a necessity in any environment where cleanliness is of the utmost importance, and therefore a great investment.