The Difference Between 3-Frame and 5-Frame Model Pressurisation Pumps

Any application that requires the transfer of liquid or some abrasive materials at varying flow and pressure rates needs to have the right pressurisation pumps. Positive displacement pumps, or plunger pumps, work on the principle of continuous motion, making them the most reliable pumps across a wide range of industry applications, including high-pressure cleaning. Bestline Manufacturing offers a range of mid-size high-pressure Cat Pumps perfect for a DIY home cleaning project or for heavy-duty wash bays that service earth-moving equipment.

Cat Pumps Accessories - Pressurisation Pumps - Pulsation DampenersWhat Are Triplex Plunger Pumps?

Triplex plunger pumps create positive and negative water pressure inside the pump whilst the cylinder moves up and down. This motion allows the plunger pumps to produce higher pressure. As these pumps are mainly used for continuous applications, the addition of pulsation dampeners prevents the flow from being interrupted. Durable in design and manufactured to last, self-priming triplex pressurisation pumps operate at a higher efficiency than most other pumps.


The Secret to the Right Frame Model Selection

Many pump manufacturers will have you believe that what makes a high-pressure cleaner work effectively is the amount of pressure or force produced by pressurisation pumps. What makes a difference in the pump selection is the maximum flow rates produced by the pump, pressure per square inch (PSI), and the amount of horsepower or kilowatts needed for the pump to run effectively:

  • Flow rates – the measurement of flow rates is important as it determines the amount of liquid that passes through an area per unit of time.
  • Pressure per square inch – this measures the force exerted by the liquid per unit area, which is in square inches.

These two factors, combined with the amount of horsepower or kilowatts per hour determine whether the triplex plunger pumps used for high-pressure cleaning need to be a 3- or 5-frame model. The 5-frame pressurisation pumps produce slightly higher flow rates, produce higher PSI, and have a higher operating capacity, it makes them ideal for continuous heavy-duty applications.


Other Applications that Use Pressurisation Pumps

Here are a few other applications for pressurisation pumps:


  1. Micro Irrigation Misting Systems

The agricultural sector relies heavily on micro irrigation misting for crops, orchards, and vineyards. This method of irrigation provides lower pressure and flow rates than sprinkler systems, presenting a more economical approach as only a small amount of the surface area is watered.


  1. Manufacturing Industries

As one of the greatest advantages of triplex plunger pumps is their ability to generate high pressure and to produce constant controlled volume irrespective of the applied pressure, the chemical as well as oil and gas industries, to name a few, rely on these pumps for variable flow control.

These are but a few of the applications that require the use of various frame model triplex plunger pumps.


Leaders in Pump Solutions

As the sole distributor of Cat Pumps in Southern Africa, we at Bestline Manufacturing guarantee that we will have the right pump for your specific requirements. Since 1971, our range of Cat Pumps has been used across a wide sector from sewer jetting to dust suppression systems and seawater desalination. Our continued availability to service and repair each model assures customers that Cat Pumps will outlast their competitors. Contact us to request a quote on the Cat Pump that best suits your needs.


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