Pressurization Pumps in Manufacturing and Cleaning Processes

Pressurization pumps are vital components in our day-to-day lives. Without knowing it, these pumps work behind the scenes, ensuring that the food and water we receive are without contaminants and safe for consumption. The manufacturing and cleaning industries rely heavily on pressurization pumps due to their ability to operate continuously at the required pressure and flow rates. As commercial and industrial pressurization pumps tend to take more abuse and need to function in harsh environments, we at Bestline Manufacturing offer a range of Cat Pumps ideal for almost any high-pressure application.

Ensuring Optimal Performance from Pressurization Pumps

Selecting the right pressurization pump is crucial to the success of a task. Many factors could affect a pressure pump’s performance, which need to be considered before purchasing a pump that is not suited for the application.

  • The viscosity of the fluid
  • Ability of the pump to handle the quantities of water that need to be pumped
  • The overall design of the pump as well as the efficiency of the system components
  • The availability of and the amount of power that the pump needs to operate continuously

Pressure Pumps Used for Hydrostatic Testing

Hydrostatic testing requires the use of pressurization pumps to ensure that a pipeline, containment vessel, or components of a line are structurally sound. This form of testing is a controlled process that uses water to test the integrity of pipelines and confirm that they are functioning according to their maximum operating pressure. Flanges and joints are also tested to verify quality. Water is placed inside the pipeline and the pressurization pump is used to produce pressure greater than the maximum operating performance of the pipeline. Quite often, a colour dye is used in the water, making it easier to see where a potential leakage is.

As these pumps are used in various environments and often under harsh conditions, the material that the pump is made from can affect the pump’s performance. To meet the demands of hydrostatic testing, Cat Pumps has a range of stainless steel triplex plunger pumps with pressure ratings up to 7000 PSI and flow rates of up to 70 GPM, depending on the size of the pipeline or vessel being tested.

Reverse OsmosisPressurization Pumps

The process of reverse osmosis can be incorporated into a variety of applications, such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing, water purification, and wastewater treatment. Water is demineralised and deionised by using high pressurization pumps to force the fluid through a semi-permeable membrane. This applied pressure effectively removes the impurities from the water. Generally, the pressure required to feed fluids through this membrane is 1000 PSI or less. Reverse osmosis has extensive benefits for several industrial processes.

Reliance on Pumps for Commercial and Industrial Cleaning

High-pressure cleaning equipment is reliant upon pressure pumps to produce the necessary pressure for quick and effective cleaning. Ranging from between 100 and 5000 PSI with flow rates between 2 to 18 GPM, Cat Pumps’ range of piston and plunger pressure pumps are ideal for heavy-duty wash bays or commercial tile and carpet cleaning, to name a few.

Many industrial and commercial applications rely on the pressure and consistent flow rates produced by Cat Pumps’ pressurization pumps due to their proven reliability, lower repair costs, and higher productivity.

For over 50 years, we at Bestline Manufacturing have supplied several industrial and commercial sectors with Cat Pumps – the most dependable and durable pressure pumps on the market.