Key Considerations for Selecting the Right Supplier of Pressurization Pumps

When it comes to pressurization pumps, many variables need to be considered. Selecting a pump purely based on price or size could leave you with one that underperforms. To ensure that the pressurization pump you select is reliable, durable, long-lasting, and up for the task at hand, contact the sole distributors of Cat Pumps in South Africa – Bestline Manufacturing.

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A Brief History of Cat Pressurization Pumps

For over a century, Cat Pumps has revolutionised the car-wash and pressure-washer industry. Understanding the need for pressurization pumps over several industries that rely on a high-pressure sprayer for streamlining daily operations presented Cat Pumps with the opportunity to expand their product line to include over 1000 pump models. At Bestline Manufacturing, we offer an extensive range of Cat Pumps that can reach flow rates of up to 284 GPM and handle pressure capabilities up to 7 000 PSI. Each component of Cat Pumps is made with the finest materials that have been tried, tested, and built to outlast all competitors.

Tips to Consider

At Bestline Manufacturing, we would like to provide you with some tips for selecting pressurization pumps to help you make an informed decision. We would like to point out that although a high-pressure sprayer relies on a pressurization pump to operate, getting the proper results from the sprayer boils down to choosing the right pump for your specific application.

  • Determine the flow rate required as this affects the size of the pump.
  • A crucial aspect is pressure, which is determined by where the water source is in relation to the sprayer. A higher elevation requires more pressure.
  • As most pressurization pumps operate on electricity, ensure that you not only have ready access to a power source but also that the power source is suitable for the size of the pump.
  • Check the viscosity of the fluid that needs to be pumped, and if it is for clear water applications, that the correct pump is chosen.
  • If the pump needs to be portable for easy use, don’t select one that is rather suited for heavy-duty applications.

At the end of the day, you need a pump that will increase the overall efficiency of your high-pressure system by ensuring that water delivery is done at the correct flow (GPM) and pressure rates (PSI).

Operating at Best Performance

With Cat Pumps, the tolerances and conditions under which every pressurization pump needs to perform is calculated so that the pumps perform at their best efficiency point (BEP). Many factors can affect a pump’s performance curve, such as altitude, height of discharge, and flow rates. By putting your search in the hands of a qualified pump supplier, we at Bestline Manufacturing will calculate the variables for you to ensure that your pump operates at maximum efficiency. Should the need arise, we also guarantee our continued availability to service and repair the selected model.

Your Preferred Supplier of Pressurization Pumps

From underground water jetting right through to earth-moving and heavy-duty vehicle wash bays and micro-misting, we will assist you in selecting the correct pressurization pump for your requirements. Whether you need a mid-sized pressure pump or a large-frame, low-flow, industrial heavy-duty pump, Cat Pumps has the perfect piston pumps and plunger pumps. All you have to do is contact us at Bestline Manufacturing.

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