Comparing Different Types of Pressurization Pumps: Which one is Right for Your Application?

With many determining factors to take into account before purchasing pressurization pumps, selecting the correct one for your specific requirements can often lead to more questions than answers, especially when a quick search leaves you with more than several options. As the sole distributor of Cat Pumps in South Africa, we at Bestline Manufacturing can assist you in making the right decision based on your application.

3 Frame CAT Piston PumpVariables to Consider when Selecting Pressurization Pumps

Basing your selection on size and price alone could leave you with an oversized or undersized pump. We would suggest that you consider the following questions before committing to a pump as they have a direct impact on the type of pressurization pump selected:

  • What type of fluid is being pumped?
  • Will the pump be operating intermittently or continuously?
  • How much fluid needs to be pumped?
  • At what temperature does the fluid need to be pumped?
  • Will the pump be in a climate-controlled setting or housed outdoors?
  • Can the pump afford to be offline for a length of time?

As pressurization pumps are an investment and capable of moving large volumes of fluids, including harsh chemicals at varying flow and pressure rates, answering these questions will assist us at Bestline Manufacturing in guiding you toward the correct type of pump you require.

Triplex Piston or Plunger Pressurization Pumps

Knowing that our range of Cat Pumps will be used in the commercial and industrial sectors, we offer triplex piston and plunger pumps that are ideal for applications that vary from washing vehicles right through to reverse osmosis and water-treatment facilities.

  1. Piston Pumps

Used to move liquids, compressed gasses, and viscous and solid particle media, the “uniflow” valve design of Cat Pumps’ piston pumps enables fluids to be moved continually in one direction. A mechanically actuated inlet valve allows for greater suction capabilities and reduces the risk of cavitation. These pressurization pumps are suitable for use in industrial processing, for high-pressure cleaning, and for pumping various liquids, to name a few.

  1. Plunger pumps

The “direct flow” and “superflow” continuous forward flow design of Cat Pumps’ plunger pumps is utilised in conjunction with the packing design of piston pumps, giving them strong suction capabilities and higher pressure performance. Chemical and wear-resistant ceramic plungers reciprocate through static and low-pressure seals, which are spring-loaded open and hydraulically closed, making them suitable for the most demanding applications. The commercial and industrial use of plunger pumps extends to portable pressure washers, agricultural sprayers, and surface treatment.

For continuous flow applications, you need to have a pump that will efficiently maintain the system, which includes being able to move a specified volume of fluid across a predetermined distance. Found in thousands of applications, with flow capabilities of up to 320 GPM and pressure rates of up to 7 000 PSI, it’s no wonder that Cat Pumps has set the benchmark in pumping solutions.

“The Pumps with Nine Lives”

For over 50 years, we at Bestline Manufacturing have stood behind the superior quality, durability, and operating reliability of Cat Pumps and will continue to do so. Each design detail is optimised for product life and performance, and with our continued availability to service and repair the various models, we know that these pressurization pumps will outlast any competitor. Contact us and we will assist you in selecting the right pump based on manifold materials, drive types, RPMs, bore, and stroke beneficial to your requirements.

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