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Reverse Osmosis & Seawater Desalination

Cat Pumps has been involved in the Reverse Osmosis/ Desalination industry for nearly 50 years and are considered leaders in high-pressure positive-displacement pumps. The extensive line of 316 and Duplex stainless steel pumps offer unsurpassed corrosion-resistance, strength and long life, even in the harshest environments.

The reverse osmosis process can be incorporated into a variety of applications:

Water purification, wastewater treatment, food processing or pharmaceutical processing.

The significance of reverse osmosis over other methods for separation problems is a low energy requirement. The only energy needed is the pressure to force the fluid through the semi-permeable membrane. This is provided by a high pressure pump driven by electric motor or gas engine.

In water purification, the feed solution is forced across the membrane at pressures generally 1000 PSI or less. As the solution permeates the membrane, the salt and other organics are removed and carried through the system in a solutions called concentrate. A high pressure Cat Pump forces this feed solution through the membrane causing the separation of the salt ions and the water molecules, resulting in a new solution called permeate.

reverse osmosis cat pumps

This process has extensive capabilities for both larger and smaller requirements. Either larger or smaller flow Cat Pumps can be substituted, and the membrane fibres can be adjusted to accommodate various fluids or allow for varying degrees of filtration. Reverse Osmosis applications are extensive and expanding into all facets of industrial, commercial, agricultural and municipal functions because it takes a minimum of space, limited energy and delivers a consistent quantity of quality water.