Reverse-Osmosis Pumps


Reverse osmosis (RO) is a process that is used to purify water or different types of gases. The process requires a high-pressure system that forces liquids or gases through a permeable membrane. This membrane removes unwanted ions and molecules from the liquid or gas for a purified result. It can also remove biological matter, such as bacteria, from the substance. The membrane must be permeable or semi-permeable to allow the liquid or gas to pass through it. The idea is to add enough pressure to force the liquid or gas through the membrane.


Reverse-osmosis pumps are ideal for this. They are positive-displacement pressure generators that force a liquid or gas through the membrane at high pressure. Positive-displacement pumps can also be submerged in the liquid. The purpose of positive-displacement pumps is to create a vacuum at the entrance to draw in the liquid, at which point it gets forced through the system towards the exit. In this case, water is forced through such a system to pass through the membrane and result in a purified liquid.


The process of reverse osmosis is used for many different purification applications, including the desalination of seawater. It can also be used to purify groundwater – the water yielded from underground sources such as aquifers. Since the oceans provide an endless supply of water, this process can change the way we mass-produce potable water in future. It is already used to purify seawater in many regions where water is scarce. CAT pumps boast industry-leading products of the best quality in this area of expertise. We offer a healthy selection of 316 and duplex stainless-steel models that offer top-level corrosion resistance.


The RO purification process is very effective for water purification and can also be used for treating wastewater and pharmaceutical effluent. Reverse osmosis requires relatively low levels of energy as a separation process for purification. Other solutions require far more resources and can be very expensive in comparison, such as distillation. The only energy that is required for this process to function is the generated pressure to ensure that the liquid or gas can be forced through the membrane and to the exit of the system. For that, you only need positive-displacement pumps to generate the necessary pressure.


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