Reverse Osmosis Pumps for the Treatment of Water & Other Liquids


South Africa is one of a number of countries that makes effective use of reverse osmosis pumps. The pump is designed to assist with efficient and effective water purification. A reverse osmosis pump works by forcing impure water through a tube system that consists of spiral-wound membranes and mesh for filtering purposes.


Reverse osmosis pumps are very often used for separating salt and other contaminants from water and other liquids too. As you can imagine, these pumps play an integral role in ensuring that there is safe and suitable drinking water in areas where fresh water is in short supply. Reverse osmosis is a process that is pressure driven. This is why a pump that increases the inlet pressure will ensure that the process is carried out most effectively. This is where the reverse osmosis pump comes in. It’s important to get the best on the market and one that offers enough pressure to get the job done at the right speed, without compromising on the quality of the end product.


Remember to Keep Your Reverse Osmosis Pump Well Maintained


When investing in a reverse osmosis pump for your business, it’s important to consider the regular maintenance required to keep the system operating at its best. Various components of the pump system, including pre-filters and post-filters, will also need to be regularly replaced to ensure that the pump can do the job effectively.


At Bestline Manufacturing, we believe that we are well versed in the workings and improvements of reverse osmosis pumps over the years. We have been supplying these particular pumps since as early as 1971, and can quite honestly say that we place a lot of confidence in the Cat Pumps range. In fact, we are the sole distributors of Cat Pumps in South Africa!


Cat Branded Reverse Osmosis Pumps


At Bestline Manufacturing, we strongly believe that quality should never be skimped on when purchasing such equipment. That’s why we present the Cat range of pumps to the market. The Cat Pumps that we stock include triplex piston pumps, plunger pumps, and even sleeve pumps, and you will be surprised to find that these pumps are suited for use in over 500 applications. That being said, it might be a difficult choice for you when it comes to selecting the right reverse osmosis pumps for your intended applications. If you aren’t sure about what the right choice is, don’t worry. Our team at Bestline Manufacturing is always available to provide you with advice and information on the best suited products for your specific situation.


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At Bestline Manufacturing, we welcome you to pay us a visit, give us a call or send us an email, so that you can learn more about our range of reverse osmosis pumps and how they actually work. To ensure that you buy a top-quality product, choose a reverse osmosis pump from Bestline Manufacturing today.