The Use of Reverse Osmosis Pumps in South Africa

There is a great need for reverse osmosis pumps in South Africa. This technology is used in the process of water purification. The reverse osmosis system consists of a series of tubes which contains stacks of spiral wound membranes. The membrane stack consists of two long semi-permeable membranes that have a mesh between it. This mesh is sealed along the sides. All of this is wound up in a spiral tube that has more mesh that works to separate the outside of the stack. There is a very large surface area for transfer.

Amid each of these membrane layers is a mesh separator that makes it easy for pure water to flow without any obstructions. The water is forced through one end of the spiral cylinder and out the other with the resulting pressure forcing water through the membrane and then collecting it between the different membranes.

This is just a general indication on the inner workings of the reverse osmosis pump system. For any pump systems designed to eliminate suspended solids chlorine, water hardness and other oxidisers, quality pre-treatment will be required. In order to continually perform well, reverse osmosis pumps and systems require regular maintenance and the replacement of various components to ensure optimum performance. Pre- and post-filters also need to be replaced on a regular basis.

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