High-Pressure Jetting Solutions


Sewer jetting is an effective way to use high-pressure equipment to clear blockages in underground utility pipelines. These pipelines are permanent installations that must be maintained and the most effective way to clean them is from the inside. When sewers are blocked, jetting equipment can blast its way through the blockages with a high-pressure jet of liquid. This is usually water but can be any other liquid as well. When water is put under high pressure, it can be dispensed with a powerful force through an appropriate jet or nozzle.

Liquids and gases can be pressurised and dispensed in a similar way. Within a closed and pressurised system, the flow rate and force of liquids can be boosted to the desired levels. Sewer jetting equipment forces water through such a system to produce a very strong stream leaving the nozzle of the lance. Lances can be rigid for a direct application or able to flex and feed into a bending pipeline. They are robust and durable to constantly handle the high-pressure water flowing through them.


Our Sewer Jetting Equipment Solutions

Bestline Manufacturing specialises in high-pressure pumps and systems. We use CAT Pumps in our equipment and sell them separately as well. These pumps have proven their worth as efficient and powerful pressure pumps in many different industrial high-pressure systems. Sewer jetting uses the power of pressurised water to create a workable solution to surface blasting and pipeline cleaning. We offer various types of jetting equipment, all manufactured with quality materials and years of expertise for optimal results.

Sometimes, flushing a pipeline is all it takes to clean small blockages, but large blockages may require some extra persuasion. To ensure that enough pressure can be generated, sewer jetting equipment normally uses pumps that can generate 3000 psi. To put this number in perspective, a regular car’s tyre pressures are between 32 and 35 psi, so it is clear to see that CAT Pumps can generate huge pressures in jetting equipment.

An important aspect of underground jetting equipment is the lance at the end of the high-pressure system. Rigidity is required to keep the exit point steady when the water blasts through the system. A rigid lance offers a straight, long, and solid piece of piping to direct the high-pressure stream. In some cases, two people should hold the lance for more stability. A flex lance features a rigid pipe at the exit of the lance, but the body can flex to accommodate bends in the pipeline. Most sewer jetting equipment is operated with a foot valve to ensure that the operator can maintain a firm grip on the lance. Apart from sewer jetting, such a system can also be used for surface blasting and washing equipment.

Bestline Manufacturing is your answer in terms of high-pressure solutions. We offer an extensive range of CAT Pumps to power your pressure systems. We can also manufacture custom pressure systems for your business. For more information on our range of pumps and available equipment, please peruse our website for listings and specifications. Choose us today for all your industrial high-pressure equipment needs.