Quality Sewer-Jetting Equipment


Underground pipelines can be difficult to maintain, as they are often deeply buried and hard to reach. If a blockage forms in such a pipeline, there is only a handful of options available to address the problem. In some cases, the pipe section is dug up and replaced, which can be a very costly process. Sewer jetting offers a simpler, cheaper, and more practical solution. By jetting a concentrated stream of water into the pipeline at high pressure, the blockage can be penetrated, broken up, and cleared without the need to dig up the pipe section.


Sewer-jetting equipment is commonly used for maintaining underground pipelines. It can be used to blast through blockages and clean the inside of a pipeline. By using enough pressure, such a high-pressure system is good for many uses. We specialise in high-pressure equipment and use CAT pumps to manufacture our systems. Normally, a high-pressure system shoots the water through special spray nozzles to create the desired spray pattern and radius. This is useful for surface blasting. However, the picture is a little different for jetting equipment.


By applying pressure to a flow of water, you alter the characteristics of the flow. If enough pressure is applied to the water in a high-pressure system, the liquid can be turned into a powerful force with many applications. Surface blasting is the most common way to use high-pressure water being dispensed through a pumping system. The impact of the water on the surface loosens all the dirt and grime, allowing you to blast the surface clean. Sewer-jetting equipment concentrates such a flow of water by using a lance instead of nozzles to dispense the water.


A blockage in a pipeline is usually caused by biological material that should not be there. It can also be caused by the substance transported in the pipeline under certain conditions. You need something that can penetrate the blockage and clear it up. The sheer strength of a concentrated stream of water being expelled from a lance is sufficient to clear such a blockage. Flexing lances are ideal for bending and curving along with the shape of a pipeline, while rigid lances are perfect for a straight blasting at higher velocities.


Bestline Manufacturing is your supplier of high-pressure systems in Johannesburg. We offer a wide range of equipment that we can manufacture to suit your preferences. Anything from industrial vehicle wash bays to sewer-jetting equipment can be supplied by us for your business. For more on our available CAT pumps and equipment, please peruse our website for details.