The Basic Process of Sewer Jetting and the Required Jetting Equipment

Sewer jetting is a form of high-pressure cleaning used to clear sewer lines and drains of blockages, as well as general dirt and build-up. High-pressure water is delivered by means of an engine or pump such as a specialised high-pressure cleaning device. The device used for the job will be rated according to its water pressure, or psi (pounds per square inch) rating, and the water flow, or gpm (gallons per minute) rating. Just how powerful the water pressure is and how effective the cleaning task will be depends on the unit’s overall horsepower.
The pressure of a sewer jetting system is determined mostly by the attachable nozzles for the hose. Attaching a nozzle will create a certain amount of pressure within the system. The diameter and length of the hose can also influence the amount of pressure created to a certain extent. When this type of jetting is used to clean sewer lines, the pressurised water is directed towards the wall surfaces as well as the centre-line of the pipe, for the most effective and long-lasting cleaning action.
If a sewer line needs to be unclogged using jetting, a nozzle with forward jets is used. These types of nozzles bore through blockages while only using a small amount of the water flow (low gpm), and is able to remove the majority of blockages this way. Rear jets make use of a higher gpm flow rate to eliminate the remaining blocked materials. This type of sewer jetting is effective in the removal of most sewer blockages, including that of tree roots.
If you are experiencing blocked sewer systems and are looking for a dependable and cost-effective alternative to replacing sewer lines, sewer jetting with one of our portable systems is the solution. Bestline Manufacturing stocks a range of portable water, oil, and chemical compatible sewer jetting pump units and systems. These units are readily available in power take-off (PTO), hydraulic, gas, and diesel drive varieties. Unit capacities range from 1000 to 7000 psi and flow rate from 4,5 to 75 gpm. If you are not sure which jetting system is best suited to your particular situation and needs, simply chat to one of our friendly consultants who will help you to make the right choice.
For more useful information and advice on sewer jetting and which units are best suited to the job, get in touch with the team at Bestline Manufacturing. We are available via email and telephone and look forward to assisting you with all your high-pressure application and product needs.