Quality CERJET Spray Nozzles


High-pressure water-jetting equipment can be used for many different functions and applications. From heavy-duty vehicle wash bays to underground jetting, such equipment is capable of many feats. We manufacture these types of systems and can deliver custom designs to suit you, whatever your preferences and work environment. The basic concept is to pressurise liquids, mostly water, through a high-pressure system, which will result in a powerful and controllable jetted stream when forced through spray nozzles. These serve as the exit point for the liquid from the high-pressure system.


With an abundance of examples to display the power of adding high pressure to the flow of water, we utilise this concept in our machines to work to your benefit. To this end, we use CAT Pumps in our systems, with a wide selection of available pumps to ensure that the excellent performance of every piece of jetting equipment is ensured. Some of these positive-displacement pumps can generate extremely high pressures for use in large systems. Some are also driven by gearboxes for better regulation and control. Most of these systems are designed to pressurise water and dispense it through spray nozzles once it exits the high-pressure system. Such water-jetting technology is often used in surface-blasting equipment.


The Importance of Spray Nozzles


Sometimes it is easy to overlook the value of a specific part of a machine. Machines are made up of many parts that have to work together seamlessly or else the machine will be nothing more than an expensive ornament. When it comes to high-pressure water-jetting equipment, several parts work together as well. The high-pressure pump generates the pressure and the spray nozzles dispense the liquid.


Spray nozzles are exposed to the constant flow of water through them at high velocities, which makes them susceptible to high levels of abrasive wear. Therefore, they are made from materials that can withstand such a beating. Brass is a metallic alloy that combines copper and zinc to create a durable and strong option. Stainless steel is a combination of chromium, nickel, and iron, which can withstand the test of time with its even higher levels of durability. Although both these alloys are commonly used to manufacture the jetting orifices of these types of equipment, Bestline has a different and more effective solution.


Our CERJET spray nozzles feature ceramic orifices that are much more resistant to the flow of water at high velocities. This material represents a substantial step up in terms of overall hardness in comparison to brass and other similar alloys. Therefore, our CERJET nozzles typically last much longer than similar products made of other materials. As a result, you don’t have to constantly replace them to ensure that your high-pressure equipment performs at optimal levels. With the combination of quality high-pressure pumps and the CERJET mark of durability, you can be assured that our custom-built equipment will serve your business well for a long time.


Bestline Manufacturing is your answer to high-pressure water-jetting equipment in Johannesburg. We offer top-shelf positive-displacement pumps and high-durability CERJET ceramic spray nozzles. For more on our available products, please browse our website for details, photos, and specifications.