The Importance of Durable Spray Nozzles

Surface blasters are sealed, high-pressure systems that are used to blast hard surfaces to more efficiently clean them. They can be used on heavy-duty vehicles, hard floors, and solid walls, to only name a few instances. These systems use spray nozzles to create a specific spray pattern as the liquid leaves the system at high pressure and speed. Therefore, surfaces would typically be blasted with a cone-shape spray, as opposed to a concentrated jet of liquid. The spread ensures that the liquid blasts the surface clean instead of trying to penetrate and damage it, which would be the case with a concentrated jet.

spray nozzles

Spray nozzles deal with consistent and high levels of flowing water being dispensed through them at high pressures. Therefore, they are manufactured from hard materials to offer adequate wear resistance. These materials include metals such as brass and steel, along with alloys such as stainless steel. However, ceramic is more wear-resistant than any of these. Ceramic has a hardness level that outshines metals and alloys in this application, increasing the overall durability of these components tremendously. We use CERJET nozzles, which are manufactured with ceramic orifices.

Custom Solutions for Your Business

Many businesses have commercial vehicle fleets to meet their transportation demands. These large vehicles require a different type of wash bay. We can design and manufacture a custom commercial vehicle wash bay for your business, providing a solution to meet your specific needs. A vehicle wash bay commonly utilises spray nozzles for surface blasting for cleaning large areas of vehicle exteriors with ease. Therefore, you can avoid long hours in the sun with a garden hose and go properly professional with the cleaning of your commercial-vehicle fleet.

There are many other applications for high-pressure systems in commercial and industrial businesses. Dust suppression is sometimes required to purify the air in an enclosed or confined environment. Such a system also utilises spray nozzles to dispense the liquid being forced through the exit points. CERJET components take advantage of their ceramic orifices to deliver extended lifetime and reduced maintenance. Therefore, they can increase operating times and deliver a more cost-effective result for extended runtimes.

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