Ceramic Spray Nozzles Last 20 to 30 Times Longer Than Brass & Stainless Steel Nozzles

Do your business applications make use of spray nozzles? In high-pressure systems such as earthmoving (or other heavy-duty) wash bays, underground jetting equipment, micro misting equipment, dust suppression systems, and sewer jetting systems, spray nozzles are used. While these nozzles play an important part in the jetting process, they are often overlooked. It is important to regularly check your system’s spray nozzles for potential damage, wear and tear, as they are put under immense pressure and suffer abrasion wear as a result of the constant flow of high-speed liquid.

If your industry requires the use of spray nozzles in various applications and systems, it is preferable to ensure that you invest in the most durable quality nozzles on the market. The CERJET range of spray nozzles should be at the top of your list of options. What makes CERJET the spray nozzle brand of choice? First and foremost, these spray nozzles have a ceramic orifice that ensures exceptional wear-resistance and durability. The hardness rating on the Mohs scale for the CERJET range sits at 7.

If you are shopping around on the market, you would probably have noticed that stainless steel nozzles and brass nozzles are also some of the popular choices, but this is not because they offer exceptional durability (they don’t); it is most probably because of their low cost. After tests have been carried out, it is evident that ceramic nozzles from CERJET can last around 20 to 30 times longer than both brass and stainless steel types, which makes sound economic sense over the long term

If you are looking for top-quality spray nozzles for your business applications and systems, you will find the ideal range at Bestline Manufacturing. While we have an extensive range of spray nozzles available from CERJET in our catalogue, we do a lot more besides. Our product range includes car wash products, pressure washer products, various pumps, and more. We also design and implement a range of applications; these include earthmoving and heavy vehicle wash bays, underground jetting equipment, micro cooling and misting systems, dust suppression systems, reverse osmosis and water desalination systems, drill and flush pumps, sewer jetting and cleaning equipment, and hydrostatic pressure testing systems.

If you would like to learn more about the range of CERJET spray nozzles available in our catalogue, waste no more time. Simply contact us via email or telephone at Bestline Manufacturing to discuss your needs and requirements and to find out more about our extensive range of products and systems.