Different Types of Stainless-Steel Nozzles


Spray nozzles are used to shape a stream of liquid, usually water, shooting from a high-pressure system, into a functional spray. The result is a jet of liquid that can be used for many purposes, like surface blasting. With a concentrated stream, pipe blockages can be cleared without having to dig up the pipeline. However, having to deal with fast-flowing liquids, nozzles are commonly fabricated from metals such as brass and stainless steel for durability.

Brass is a common metal that is used for a variety of products, even for the strings of an acoustic guitar! This metal has good durability and strength but, unfortunately, brass is still susceptible to some corrosion and oxidation that can ruin brass-plated products and affect their durability in certain applications. Stainless-steel nozzles are more durable than their brass equivalents because this type of alloy is engineered to resist oxidation and has superior toughness and density. As a result, it handles constant high-pressure flow rates significantly better than brass – but they are more expensive.


Metallic Alloys Versus a Ceramic Orifice

Metals such as brass and stainless steel are, therefore, commonly used to manufacture spray nozzles because these metals have the right qualities and properties for the job. Steel is rated on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness as having an absolute hardness of between 4 and 4,5, dependent on its temper, with hardened steel at an absolute hardness level of between 7,5 and 8. That is why stainless-steel nozzles are tougher than brass ones; it is all down to the absolute hardness of the base alloy. With such a high rating on the Mohs scale, this type of alloy can withstand much more abrasion and for a far longer time.

So, although metallic alloys can be a workable solution for nozzles, Bestline Manufacturing delivers another option. Ours feature a ceramic orifice that has an absolute hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. This level of hardness is equal to that of hardened steel and emerald, making it a far better option than most metals. Therefore, ceramic nozzles are extremely tough and durable, being resistant to water abrasion and maintaining their performance for extended periods of heavy-duty use.

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