The High-Pressure Pump and its Uses

The earliest devices that were used to transfer water from rivers and lakes into portable containers bore little resemblance to the sophisticated high-pressure pump of today. The modern counterparts are infinitely more complex and efficient than the machines developed by the Ancient Egyptians and improved upon by Ctesibius and Archimedes, even though the two Greeks came up with certain operating principles that are still relevant. In practice, today, not only is water pumped for a variety of purposes, but all manner of other liquids are pumped, too. Furthermore, so are gases and even thick slurries consisting of solid particles such as coal in liquid suspension.

During a typical day, an average citizen is most unlikely to encounter a high-pressure pump unless he or she happens to work in a factory or industrial plant or may be visiting one. In locations such as these, the possible applications for pumping devices are numerous. Water is fed to boilers with the aid of pumps where it is heated for use in various processes. Sometimes corrosive liquids such as acids and alkalis must be circulated in this fashion as are volatile organic solvents.

A Variety of Uses

Each of these fluids creates its own unique needs and, more often than not, these can only be met with the use of a high-pressure pump. That said, even that unsuspecting average citizen mentioned earlier will often prove to be far more reliant on the action of these devices than he or she may have believed.

Take the case of those who live in a high-rise apartment block. Those who live on the ground floor, or who live in a simplex, or even those who live in a two-storey home, should, usually, have no problems with the efficiency of their municipal water supply. However, for those who reside on the third floor or above, it can often be a very different story. If they are to enjoy running water at all, it will have to be transported to these higher levels with the help of a high-pressure pump. The taller the building, the more units will be necessary to ensure that every apartment has an adequate supply.

For some applications, extreme pressures may be necessary; the power washer is a typical example. While not everyone may be aware of it, when there is sufficient force behind it, a jet of water can also be a very powerful cutting tool. The list goes on.

Bestline Manufacturing

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