The High-Pressure Washer and its Many Uses

One should never underestimate the power of flowing water. One classic example of that power, which should be familiar to anyone who enjoys travelogues, is the Grand Canyon. Constant erosion by the Colorado River has carved a vast trench 1 800 metres deep and almost 450 kilometres long, over the course of millions of years. Today, seas continue to erode our shores and reshape the world’s landmasses. Under sufficiently high pressure, water becomes a super-efficient power washer or even a tool capable of cutting granite. In each case, pumped water offers a means to outperform conventional procedures in both speed and efficiency.

High Pressure WasherHigh Pressure Washer Applications

There are numerous applications that leverage the power of a pressurised water jet for cleaning purposes alone. While heavy industry tends to account for many of those uses, both the home and the commercial scene also provide more than enough opportunities to employ a high-pressure washer. For home use, some domestic models can have your driveway looking like new, and in a fraction of the time you would need with a garden hose and a stiff brush. These units are also the perfect means to remove the moss or mould that often accumulates on brick and plasterwork in areas that are permanently in the shade.

Impressive as these feats may seem, they are child’s play compared to the tasks of which an industrial or commercial strength high-pressure washer is capable. A domestic model will take the backache out of cleaning the family hatchback and even clear the layers of mud from your off-road vehicle in double-quick time. However, tackling a diesel locomotive or a double-decker bus, or operating a drive-through car wash is a whole new ball game. Although a single water jet could still do the trick, it needs many more of them to tackle a task of this magnitude in a reasonable time. That’s the basic principle behind a car wash, whatever the size or type of the vehicle.

In industry, high-pressure washers serve similar roles to those performed by the commercial companies that provide third-party, heavy-duty cleaning services. It might be the inside of a boiler or cooling tower, or a piece of heavy machinery in a factory that needs a good clean. Construction and earthmoving companies also use these devices to clear the tracks on vehicles such as a backhoe or bulldozer.

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